Tatoni Ristoranti

Last weekend I went with my parents to “Tatoni Ristoranti”, an italian restaurant on Bourbon Shopping.

The first thing I would like to say is that it, as Schneider Porto Alegre, have a space problem. No, you don’t have tables so near each other you can’t get up without hitting the guy next table back. The space is enough, but it seems that they don’t have enough space in their kitchen. So, the plates take a lot of time to appear. Also, it seems that, when all the tables are taken, there aren’t enough waiters to service you. In other words, if there are many people in there, your plate will take some long time to appear and the service will take some time to appear.

Now, if you have enough time, you’ll be surprised when the plates come: they taste sooooo good! I ordered a chicken “a la parmegiana” with risotto and I ate more than I could. But I couldn’t stop eating, it was so good.

If you want a nice italian plate and have enough time, that’s some place you need to go.