Hello from GMT-10

Hey guys! Just posting this from Julio’s home (the other Julio, not me) to say that I’m alive and well.

After a few expected problems, like TAM delaying their flight for 1:20h and my baggage disappearing in Guarulhos (to be later found in the baggage sector of TAM — for some reason, the baggage managed to take a flight in time while mine was delayed), and some expected “nothing to do” time (like the 14 hours flight from Santiago to Auckland), I finally managed to get in Sydney right on a holiday with everything closed.

On a side note, I took notes in the flight and every time I had nothing better to do in the airports. I’ll later post it with some explanations.

Finally, a date

Ok, for everyone asking “when are you going”, here is the answer:

Day 30/Dec, at 11:05am, my plane to Guarulhos will leave the airport Salgado Filho in Porto Alegre. There, I will take another plane at 17:40 to Auckland and, finally, Sydney.

Edit 1: I know the date is quite strange, if you consider that today is 28. The reason is this: I could take a flight day 29 by Aerolineas (which everyone is saying it sucks), day 30 by Quantas or any one of those in the end of February.

Almost there


My passport just returned from the Embassy. Now all I need is the plane ticket and I’m done! Just a few more days and I’ll be far far away!

GUP 0.1 “Most. Refactored. Program. EVER”

After some fights understanding what “form-data-encoded” means, I managed to make GUP upload pictures to Gallery. Also, I’m about to give GUP the “most refactored program I wrote” award since MMM, where I changed the ID3 reader library about three times (when I finally wrote my own version).

This version can be considered pre-alpha, as I only tested it using my Gallery 2.1.2 (and RemoteGallery 2.9) and uploaded just some small pictures. As I still need to add pictures to my Gallery, more tests will come, but I think is quite usable right now.

On the GUP homepage there is more info about the TODO list is available, as well as information of how to checkout the development version and download the current version.

Same old votes

Oh, so we are at that time of the year again.

So, again, once more, and still true, I wish you all and your families a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New personal project: GUP

There are three things that annoy me: the first is doing the same thing over and over again. The second thing is an automation tool that doesn’t work. The third thing is code with some magical variables[1].

So, there you have the problem I had with galleryadd.pl, a perl script to upload pictures to Web Gallery 2.0. It tries to solve the first problem, but fall in the other two.

So, to solve my problem, I started a new project: GUP (Gallery UPload). There isn’t a release yet as it isn’t doing what it is supposedly to do, but it going nice and easy. One nice thing about it is the chance to test some new concepts I got after reading “Dive Into Python”. If you want to check how this is going, the SVN repository is open for checkout. Once I complete the upload, I’ll add it the projects page and post a tarball.

[1] Like some global variable that isn’t explicitly filled, but used in several places (like when someone pass it to a function to be filled).

A sign?

Did anyone saw that Google changed its logo (as they usually do) for Christmas? Did anyone else is seeing kangaroos? It is just me or this looks like a sign?

Ok, let me just take this opportunity for a small update: Monday I sent my passport to the Australian Embassy on a “Sedex 10” (a post office service that assures that your package arrives in the next day, 10am tops). Inside the package, I added another envelope, so they could send it back to me using “Sedex 10” again, a check to pay for it, the approval letter sent by the immigration and a letter saying how they could contact me.

So far, I still didn’t get it back and (this is the part that is worrying me) the check wasn’t deducted from my bank account yet (and I guess they would get the money before sending the passport back to me).

Wii get weather support

It seems that a lot of press today about a Wii weather channel for Wii web browser and there are a lot of user comments saying how useless it will be (something around the lines of “who will get outside while playing”).

But the channel can open a brand new type game experience. Imagine that you are playing some game that replicates a known city (like the “GTA” series did). Now, using the weather channel, they could replicate the weather conditions of the city they are copying. Also, using the user’s selected channel (with city) some games could appear with the same weather of the user. In this case, I could see the Pokemon series using this to select which type of pets would appear (water-types only when it’s raining, fire and rock-type only when it’s not raining, ghost-types when it’s foggy and so on). Of course, if there isn’t an internet connection, they would have to resort to some “random” check.

Well, only if consoles pick up with computers…

“Ao invez de aumentar tudo de uma vez só, vamos aumentar aos pouquinhos”

Parece que os deputados e senadores se ligaram que “se um sapo for colocado em água quente, ele vai saltar fora mas se for colocado em água fria e ela for aquecida lentamente, o sapo morrerá cozido”. Ao remover o pedido de aumento (ou bloqueado pela justiça[1]), o pedido agora é de “apenas” R$ 3.700[2] (mais do que eu recebia quando tava empregado, sendo que eu tinham descontos caso não aparecesse na segunda e na sexta-feira).

A questão é: é aí que a coisa vai parar ou eles poderão se dar aumentos a cada três semanas, fazendo que com no meio do ano o salário já chegue aos R$ 24.500 que tem sido repudiado. Será que a sociedade vai se ligar dessas coisas e continuar atacando essa corja que vai aumentando o salário para fazer nada?

Considerem isso: uma vez, o problema eram os políticos que não faziam nada; depois, passaram a ser os políticos que usavam a máquina administrativa para proveito próprio[3]; na seqüência, veio o crime organizado; agora, os políticos tem que se defender de pessoas comuns que os atacam (e não podemos dizer “sem motivo”). Lentamente, esse país está caminhando para uma guerra civil e políticos estão mais preocupados em ganhar mais do que tentar salvar o país. Ou vai ver estão juntando “um dinheirinho” pra se mudar pra Miami quando o caos imperar.

[1] Jornal da Record: “A Justiça acaba com a festa: o Supremo Tribunal Federal derruba o aumento de quase 100% para deputados e senadores.”
[2] Folha Online: “Parlamentares prometem defender aumento dos salários para R$ 16.500”.
[3] Como um certo presidente que construiu uma piscina usando equipamentos do estado.

Up with victories, down with the anti-supporters

This weekend, the Toyota Intercontinental Cup (known as World Cup around, and that come with a lot of discussing between supporters of two of the most known teams around) ended. The final match, between Sport Club Internacional and ended with the victory of the Brazilian team, even with all the favouritism to the European club. And it was quite a match: while a lot of people were waiting that the Brazilian team would try to hold and not attack, what we saw was a team that was really up to the victory; they don’t tried to just stop Barcelona, but the went to attack, proving that you need way more than just a millionaire team to win, you need a team that can play even bleeding (as it happened with one of the Internacional players).

In the end, won the team that really deserved to win. And, to be honest, I was quite worried about that victory. Not because I support the other team (actually, I try to support all Southern teams), but because I live with two Internacional supporters and, every time their team win, the house become a mess and a terrible place to stay, because they can’t just sit down and enjoy the moment, but they need to scream and taunt everyone that has a slight inclination to support any other team. And I worried that the whole city would become a place like that but, fortunately, things are really peaceful and people seem to be enjoying the victory. So, not only a deserved victory, but good supporters.

Well, not quite. One of the guys that live here sent and email to our maillists simply cursing supporters of other teams. In no way he mentioned the victory of his team, everything was just “bath in my piss” and other low blows. To me, he is not a supporter, he is the anti-supporter: people that do not cheer the victory of his team, but use this as a way to bring other people down. And it is not just him: my parent’s daughter support the other team around (Gremio) and she was so pissed off Internacional won that she felt a little bit sick. Now, I can’t come with a reasonable explanation of why people need to do such acts and feel in that way except as a fight for the “status quo”. “Oh, they can’t win, or ‘our’ status quo would be reduced (or eliminated)”, “‘We’ won, ‘we’ are way better than everyone else”. And I put quotes on ‘our’ and ‘we’ just because they really didn’t win: it was the team (and I posted something else about this very topic and I don’t think we need to go all the way around again).

[In other words, I just used that guy email to point a view, as you can find those anti-supporters in every sport, saying that they “support” any team.]

Anyway, congratulations for the Internacional team, and I really want that Internacional real supporters enjoy the moment. Anti-supporters can go somewhere else.