Heroes: spoilers and guesses

So Heroes entered a hiatus and the last two episodes of the season will only be aired in January. So, now it is a good time for you guys that don’t know the show to see the episodes on the official website (in streamer format).

But I would like to put some guesses on what is coming on the next episodes.

“Fallout” had two visions of the future: the first, from Isaac, show Hiro facing a dinosaur; the second appeared as a vision to Peter, just before he falls in coma: he is the explosion that destroyed New York.

So, my guess: Peter will become near the radioactive man, absorb his powers and, since he can’t control his powers yet, he will start a nuclear explosion. Hiro will try to save him by stopping the time and transporting him to the middle of the ocean or somewhere were no one could be hurt. Unfortunately, since Hiro can’t control his powers too, he will teleport both to the time of the dinosaurs, were Peter will then explode and cause the mass extinction we all know. Peter will be hurt and near death, but Hiro will manage to teleport him back to the present day, where Clairo will “lend” her power again to Peter and he will manage to heal.

It was a good idea, before I read the official forums: apparently, Peter is keeping the powers of the people he met (and that’s why he slip into a coma). My idea of this is that it proved why “save the cheerleader, save the world” was going on: if she died, Peter couldn’t be healed after the explosion and he is the one that can save the world or do you really think a simple nuclear explosion in the middle of New York will be the end of the world?

The only thing that can make this theory hold some water is Peter losing all powers he got when returning from the coma.

Also, I really hope the next season starts soon. I’m eagerly waiting to see the invisible man that will become Peter’s mentor.

[Oh, and, by the way, it seems that the series will be aired in Brazil by Universal Channel and TV Record in march. I still don’t have the dates when the series will appear in Australia :)]