Up with victories, down with the anti-supporters

This weekend, the Toyota Intercontinental Cup (known as World Cup around, and that come with a lot of discussing between supporters of two of the most known teams around) ended. The final match, between Sport Club Internacional and ended with the victory of the Brazilian team, even with all the favouritism to the European club. And it was quite a match: while a lot of people were waiting that the Brazilian team would try to hold and not attack, what we saw was a team that was really up to the victory; they don’t tried to just stop Barcelona, but the went to attack, proving that you need way more than just a millionaire team to win, you need a team that can play even bleeding (as it happened with one of the Internacional players).

In the end, won the team that really deserved to win. And, to be honest, I was quite worried about that victory. Not because I support the other team (actually, I try to support all Southern teams), but because I live with two Internacional supporters and, every time their team win, the house become a mess and a terrible place to stay, because they can’t just sit down and enjoy the moment, but they need to scream and taunt everyone that has a slight inclination to support any other team. And I worried that the whole city would become a place like that but, fortunately, things are really peaceful and people seem to be enjoying the victory. So, not only a deserved victory, but good supporters.

Well, not quite. One of the guys that live here sent and email to our maillists simply cursing supporters of other teams. In no way he mentioned the victory of his team, everything was just “bath in my piss” and other low blows. To me, he is not a supporter, he is the anti-supporter: people that do not cheer the victory of his team, but use this as a way to bring other people down. And it is not just him: my parent’s daughter support the other team around (Gremio) and she was so pissed off Internacional won that she felt a little bit sick. Now, I can’t come with a reasonable explanation of why people need to do such acts and feel in that way except as a fight for the “status quo”. “Oh, they can’t win, or ‘our’ status quo would be reduced (or eliminated)”, “‘We’ won, ‘we’ are way better than everyone else”. And I put quotes on ‘our’ and ‘we’ just because they really didn’t win: it was the team (and I posted something else about this very topic and I don’t think we need to go all the way around again).

[In other words, I just used that guy email to point a view, as you can find those anti-supporters in every sport, saying that they “support” any team.]

Anyway, congratulations for the Internacional team, and I really want that Internacional real supporters enjoy the moment. Anti-supporters can go somewhere else.