Wii get weather support

It seems that a lot of press today about a Wii weather channel for Wii web browser and there are a lot of user comments saying how useless it will be (something around the lines of “who will get outside while playing”).

But the channel can open a brand new type game experience. Imagine that you are playing some game that replicates a known city (like the “GTA” series did). Now, using the weather channel, they could replicate the weather conditions of the city they are copying. Also, using the user’s selected channel (with city) some games could appear with the same weather of the user. In this case, I could see the Pokemon series using this to select which type of pets would appear (water-types only when it’s raining, fire and rock-type only when it’s not raining, ghost-types when it’s foggy and so on). Of course, if there isn’t an internet connection, they would have to resort to some “random” check.

Well, only if consoles pick up with computers…