The “little” Sunday walk

Ok, as I promised, here is the “map” of my walk:

The red line shows what I walked, while the blue line shows the bus line I took to come back home. I can say that it took around 2 hours to get to the Opera House.

First problem were the marinas: they were in no-through “sidewalks”, so I had to walk back and start over (and I just noted I didn’t added a line to the Beare Park (between Elizabeth Bay and Potts Point). Also, near Potts Point, I did returned on a place that I didn’t have to (I saw a “no through street” and returned, but the map shows that there is a small street from Billyard Ave to Macleay Street (here there were there is a U turn). Even more: when I was at the Botanic Gardens, I did some walking around the Government House because some gates were closed and I couldn’t just walk right into the Opera House. And, adding to that, I didn’t want to walk over the grass, even after seeing the notice that you could walk over it (weirdly enough, in the Government House gardens, there was a plate saying “Don’t step in the grass”).

And, as it was almost 2 o’clock when I got in the Opera House, I decided to eat something around there. I choosed a restaurant named “Lenin”, thinking I could eat something Russian, but I guess I was wrong: I ate a Caesar’s Salad and some Mexican things (it looked like pancakes, but there was something in the middle — chese and chicken). Next time I’ll try to go to their “5 Below Zero”, which seems to be a lounge with some ice furniture.

One thing I should’ve thought before was buying and using some sun block. When I returned home I noticed how red my arms where. Also, right now, the lower parts of my neck hut, because that was the only part that got really exposed (and I have a red neck over a white body — and I look pretty weird without a t-shirt now).

And I still need to go to the top of the Harbour Bridge.

My little walk over Sydney

So I planed to see the Opera House today. So, a little bit before lunch, I got out for a walk (“it doesn’t seem so far in the google maps, anyway”, I thought). This time, though, I decided to walk without properly looking google maps and taking notes; I decided to follow my own instincts this time. The result was a pretty huge walk, almost two hours walking till I finally reached the Opera House. It was fun, though, as I could spot a lot of the city and the impression that the city (centre, whatever) is completely different from the rest of the city just got bigger: not only the places look different, but the people are different too. But, in the end, I manage to see the navy boats, a pier turned into hotel and a couple of marinas.

As soon as the pictures complete uploading, I will post a map of my walk.

What your name means?

(Taken from here)

You entered: Julio Andre Biason

There are 16 letters in your name.
Those 16 letters total to 70
There are 8 vowels and 8 consonants in your name.

What your first name means:

Spanish Male Youth.
Latin Male Youthful.

Your number is: 7

The characteristics of #7 are: Analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, studious, meditating.

The expression or destiny for #7:
Thought, analysis, introspection, and seclusiveness are all characteristics of the expression number 7. The hallmark of the number 7 is a good mind, and especially good at searching out and finding the truth. You are so very capable of analyzing, judging and discriminating, that very little ever escapes your observation and deep understanding. You are the type of person that can really get involved in a search for wisdom or hidden truths, often becoming an authority on whatever it is your are focusing on. This can easily be of a technical or scientific nature, or it may be religious or occult, it matters very little, you pursue knowledge with the same sort of vigor. You can make a very fine teacher, or because of a natural inclination toward the spiritual, you may become deeply emerged in religious affairs or even psychic explorations. You tend to operate on a rather different wavelength, and many of your friends may not really know you very well. The positive aspects of the 7 expression are that you can be a true perfectionist in a very positive sense of the word. You are very logical, and usually employ a quite rational approach to most things you do. You can be so rational at times that you almost seem to lack emotion, and when you are faced with an emotional situation, you may have a bit of a problem coping with it. You have excellent capabilities to study and learn really deep and difficult subjects, and to search for hidden fundamentals. At full maturity you are likely to be a very peaceful and poised individual.

If there is an over supply of the number 7 in your makeup, the negative aspects of the number may be apparent. The chief negative of 7 relates to the limited degree of trust that you may have in people. A tendency to be highly introverted can make you a bit on the self-centered side, certainly very much self-contained . Because of this, you are not very adaptable, and you may tend to be overly critical and intolerant. You really like to work alone, at your own pace and in your own way. You neither show or understand emotions very well.

Your Soul Urge number is: 4

A Soul Urge number of 4 means:
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The negative side of the 4 is rigid, stubborn and somewhat narrow-minded. There is a tendency to hide feelings, or to really not be aware of real feelings. Avoid being too rigid and stubborn in your thinking, and try to always see the big picture rather than becoming to involved with the detail. Don’t be afraid to take a chance once in awhile.

Your Inner Dream number is: 3

An Inner Dream number of 3 means:
You dream of artistic expression; writing, painting, music. You would seek to more freely express your inner feeling and obtain more enjoyment from life. You also dream of being more popular, likable, and appreciated.

So, the salesperson didn’t lie to me

When I bought my digital camera, I asked the guy to pack everything up before I could change my mind again. The reason I said such thing was this:

I was thinking about buying a Sony DSC-T10. It’s an ultra-slim camera and looks nice. When I came there to buy it, I almost changed my mind: “Should I spent that much in a camera?”. After some minutes of thinking, I decided it was time to have one anyway. Talking with the salesperson about the camera, he told me that Sony doesn’t use SD cards, but some proprietary stuff. That would be a bad thing, as my computer have a SD reader, so I can transfer pictures pretty fast. He then shown me other cameras that had almost the same specs and I decided to go with the Canon I have now.

And, today, I finally had a chance to see it working. I was trying to take some pictures of some parrots that fly around Julio’s house in the morning, but the damn fuckers decided to stay on a tree a little bit far away. So I took some pictures using the optical zoom and they were nice, but you still couldn’t spot the parrots right. Then I decided to try to digital zoom (going to a 11x zoom) and took this picture. Not bad, in my opinion.

When you see a lot of one thing, you lose perspective

One thing I always try to do is keep my mind open to new things. One way to do this is not fixing yourself on just one thing. Usually, when I work with some language, I try to play with another at home. I’ve gone into the “every language has it’s own ‘way-of-life’ methodology” that I think is pointless explain it again. Always running with two languages forces me to keep that in perspective.

And than you see an article like this. Is a view from a Applet Newton developer over the new Nokia N800. Believe, I’ve read the whole article and all I can say is: “this is article from someone that lost his perspective”. Ok, he raises some good points, but some are simply “I want it Apple and now a computer that 90% of everyone that have a computer uses”. In some point he mentions that is hard to understand some N800 icons but, just a few paragraphs later, it points an envelope is the routing action, which can send a document to another application. Now, for, say, 10 years already, the envelope is used to represent “email”: on a launcher, it’s the email client, on a program, it’s the “send by email”.

That’s the kind of “lost of perspective” I said. In one hand, an icon is a bad thing; one the other hand, the icon is perfectly used. Why? Because, in his “newton” perspective, what he have is perfect. Although faced with another thing, a chance to learn new things, this guy thinks what he had is perfect and didn’t let the new experience alter the old experiences.

In a way, this guy is stuck in the past.

Rooms, work, city, holidays and gadgets


Finally I managed to get a room. It’s in the middle of the suburbs or Paddington and Wollahra. There are two other guys there and it was a girls room, but she have some health problems and gonna be in the hospital for some months. So, while she stays there, I gonna stay in her room.

That appeared just after I called about 20 people asking for shared rooms, losing one room to a hot chick with a Russian name and have a list of 25+ places to call for a rent (full apartments and studios, not just a room). But, as the room is already furnished and there will be some people around (so I can practice my English, in a forced way), I thought it would be better.


So, I’m finally getting a hang on work. The system is pretty huge, but I’m getting its weird ideas and such. Also, we are now getting meetings, as the release date is comming (I won’t tell you when, but I know when, yada yada yada). So far, I can say that it would be really cool, even without the “community” stuff on it.

Also related with work, Friday will be Australia Day here and Google will use an airplane to take high-res pictures of the city. On the page about the event, they are inviting Australian people to go outside and form some groups and do some formations or simply wave to the plane. So far, we are planing putting a big logo on the building and stay there while they take pictures. And I will be there too.


Last week I finally went to the city (what would be called “centre” or “downtown” in some other places). And, to say the least, it’s quite different from what I see on Bondi: Bondi is surely a beach city, but city is completely different place. It is more like New York (well, at least, from what I know from the pictures). On my own opinion, Bondi is way better.


Ok, so Friday will be Australia Day and, so, we won’t work (it’s a holiday, for fucks sake!). As I said before, I’ll appear at work to help people with whatever they are doing. The plane should come somewhere between 9am and 9:30am. So, after the work, I plan to find a place to lunch and walk around the city (not the centre, but some other places), like seeing the Opera House and climb the Harbour Bridge.


Just to prove what the holiday is, I bought a brand new camera: A Canon Ixus 800IS (or something like that). 6 mega pixels, 4x optical zoom, optical image stabilizater. And small and cute too. This means that will finally be populated again, after my screw up with directories and lack of coffee.

Update 2007.01.23, 22:01: Also, the more I read about, the more I want a Nokia N800. I can’t stop imagining a client for the product we are working and how many things I could write using PyGtk running on the damn thing. Too bad they are selling it only on USA right now and there are no words about it coming to Australia…

Well, that’s it for now. Later, when I finally find some time, I’ll post a review of “Deja Vu”, a movie I saw last weekend.

After a long time…

… using Gentoo, you realize that it went from “Automated Slackware” to “Borked Linux From Scratch”.

No, really.

Edit 2007.01.18: And, in a single --update, the MySQL startup script just disappeared. Nice.

Notas em português

Indo para o banco, passei por um cara com a camiseta do Internacional (de Porto Alegre). Não comprimentei nem nada, vai que era brazuca…

Todo feliz por chegar no banco e conseguir falar, em inglês, sem pestanejar, que eu havia ativado meu cartão via telefone no sábado e que, no domingo, ao tentar fazer um saque, tinha recebido a mensagem que o PIN (senha) tava errado. “Agora to bem no inglês”, pensei. Ao falar com o antendente, ele me disse que era português e não falei mais inglês no banco.

Pra tua conta, tem três números: o BSB (agência), o número da conta e o número de acesso ao sistema por internet (NetBank), que não tem nenhuma relação com os dois anteriores (exceto que ambos mexem no mesmo volume de dinheiro). Para uso do cartão, tu tem uma senha; pra acesso ao NetBank, tu tem outra.

The Pursuit of Happyness

IMDB plot:

A struggling salesman (Will Smith) takes custody of his son (Jaden Smith) as he’s poised to begin a life-changing professional endeavor.

Lets start with the fun part: Jaden Smith, who plays Will Smith character in the movie, is his real life son. Amazing that they didn’t call Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith real life wife, to play the wife in the movie too.

Anyway, it is an amazing movie. I can’t say it is because it is well written or well directed, but because it is inspired by a real life story, although a movie inspired by a real life story that is badly directed or badly written will suck anyway. But it is quite amazing what the main character, a divorced jobless father does to find his own happiness while taking care of his single son. And that he never let himself fall into depression no matter how bad things are.

Will Smith did a pretty good job on this movie. Some of scenes he did an amazing job just by his looks than by his words. And I guess it was a something he would like to do, as he pointed once on the “Actor’s Studio” about his relationship with his father and one scene on “The Fresh Prince of Belair”, when Will (the character) has to fight a second loss of his father (and it was one of the most strong scenes on the subject I can recall). Jaden Smith, on the other hand, isn’t all good in the movie, and I can’t blame this eight year old boy in his first experience in front of the camera. To me, he spent almost 3/4 of the movie with a pretty strong stomach-ache.

Two scenes were pretty touching, in my opinion: the first is when, after some days sleeping on a homeless shelter, Chris (the father) is putting his kid to sleep when the son put his hand on his father face and says “You are a good papa”. It is easy to imagine what a father that had to face what he faced till that moment and hear that would feel. The second is in the end, when the Will Smith gets the answer about the job. He doesn’t say a word and, yet, you can imagine exactly what is going inside him.

My guess is that Will Smith will be nominated for an Oscar for this movie.