The Pursuit of Happyness

IMDB plot:

A struggling salesman (Will Smith) takes custody of his son (Jaden Smith) as he’s poised to begin a life-changing professional endeavor.

Lets start with the fun part: Jaden Smith, who plays Will Smith character in the movie, is his real life son. Amazing that they didn’t call Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith real life wife, to play the wife in the movie too.

Anyway, it is an amazing movie. I can’t say it is because it is well written or well directed, but because it is inspired by a real life story, although a movie inspired by a real life story that is badly directed or badly written will suck anyway. But it is quite amazing what the main character, a divorced jobless father does to find his own happiness while taking care of his single son. And that he never let himself fall into depression no matter how bad things are.

Will Smith did a pretty good job on this movie. Some of scenes he did an amazing job just by his looks than by his words. And I guess it was a something he would like to do, as he pointed once on the “Actor’s Studio” about his relationship with his father and one scene on “The Fresh Prince of Belair”, when Will (the character) has to fight a second loss of his father (and it was one of the most strong scenes on the subject I can recall). Jaden Smith, on the other hand, isn’t all good in the movie, and I can’t blame this eight year old boy in his first experience in front of the camera. To me, he spent almost 3/4 of the movie with a pretty strong stomach-ache.

Two scenes were pretty touching, in my opinion: the first is when, after some days sleeping on a homeless shelter, Chris (the father) is putting his kid to sleep when the son put his hand on his father face and says “You are a good papa”. It is easy to imagine what a father that had to face what he faced till that moment and hear that would feel. The second is in the end, when the Will Smith gets the answer about the job. He doesn’t say a word and, yet, you can imagine exactly what is going inside him.

My guess is that Will Smith will be nominated for an Oscar for this movie.