Unexplored Markets

(10:58:35) Alexandre Pretto Nunes: finally I will have a place to host my warez and my kiddie porn
(10:58:58) Julio Biason: hurray!
(10:59:11) Alexandre Pretto Nunes: hurray for the internet!
(10:59:26) Julio Biason: i don’t know why, but when I read “kiddie porn”, I think about “porn for kids”
(10:59:41) Julio Biason: like two pokemons fucking each other
(10:59:50) Julio Biason: you know, cute, kiddie, stuff with sex
(10:59:50) Alexandre Pretto Nunes: now THAT is an unexplored market

I wish I knew kung-fu…

… so I could punch myself so hard to be unconscious for three days.

One of the things that I really hate when I do is to let other people down. That actually comes back like 10x worst to me. Multiply by 2 if it is someone I care about. Add all people involved. There you can imagine how I feel when I had this thinking that I failed someone else expectations.

It all started when the real estate agent that is handling the selling of the house. The girl that actually rented said that I should give the real estate people any ideas about getting the keys of the house. And I actually did. So, failed one.

Later, the guys at the office start playing some games and I decided to join them. It was when I finally had to realise I really suck at some games. I mean, a black hole playing the game wouldn’t suck so much. And, in the middle of it, I could hear some frustration about the way I was playing in their voices. So, again, I was ruining their fun (and letting them down for not playing in the same level they where playing).

Total count for the day: 5 * 10 * 2. Just to make things clearer, right now I feel I’m like -100.

Another fucking day in my life.

My 18 year old quest

When I was 12, I got a Hotbit from my parents.

Later, I bought a diskette drive for it and got a shoe box full of disks with games. Between those disks, there was “Nemesis”.

I was not good at it. Nowhere good. It was hard to just complete the first leve.

But now, 18 years later, I bought a PSP, a 64 handheld console. And I bought a game called “Gradius Collection”. And then, I could finally try to beat the game. It took two weeks (not counting those 18 years between seeing the game for the first time and buying a PSP), playing it from time to time, to finally see the ending credits:

Now, the question that it is probably roaming your head is: “What kind of fucktard would buy a 64 machine to play an emulation of an 8 bit game and feel happy about it?” Well, the answer is: Gradius is not an easy game. It is not just “select your skills and shoot everything” or “kill things, get money, buy armour/weapons, rinse, repeat”. Those are the games we play today. They don’t have something like “you have to watch around your ship and around the screen at the same time and if you get a hit, just one single hit, you are dead.”

In those 18 years, I played several games and none of them let me so frustated to die than Nemesis/Gradius. And none of them let me so excited about completing a level than Nemesis/Gradius.

Finally I understand why “real men play gradius”.

Eulogy to Gramma

Five years ago, my gramma was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors said she had 6 months if she didn’t take any treatment and maybe one year if she did. She did the treatment and won the doctors by four years. Last Wednesday, she went to the hospital, where the doctors said it was a matter of maybe 24 hours till her organs start to failing. She won the doctors by 72 hours. I wish she had won by another four years.

She was always a little bit stubborn. People said that she had to do something but, if she didn’t want to do it, she won’t do it. Once she managed to piss me off by asking how much I was being paid on my work, even after I told her three times already that I wouldn’t say. She had this idea that she needed to know how much I was making and won’t give up easily. Maybe that’s why she managed to won the doctors so many times: she decided that she wanted to live and nobody (not even her cancer) would change her mind.

When my parents moved to Costa Rica, she moved to our old house to “take care” of me and my parent’s daughter. In the end, I guess it was more us taking care of her than the other way. That’s how she managed to piss me off. She also decided that she wanted to do something and, even on her frail state, she did it. She wanted something, and she would get it. I can say “stubborn” and it can look stubborn, but it also make her look like a fighter: she had an idea and there was nothing on this planet to stop her. She would fight for what she wanted. And that’s how I will always remember her.

The first warning came from an email from my mum Saturday morning. It said that my gramma was in the hospital and that she was in some sort of comma. Somewhat, I felt what was about to happen and decided to do anything else to not think about it, to avoid slipping into depression again. But I guess I’m as stubborn as gramma and decided to check my emails Saturday night. Another email from mum, saying that gramma slowly stop breathing and her heart slowly stop beating. And she passed away. The email also said that “death is part of life.” I know that: we are born, we leave our mark in this planet and then move out. It seems that we don’t know how big the marks other people leave on us until they leave us. Gramma left a big mark on me and just now I realised that.

Saturday night, before falling asleep, I heard her voice in my head, with her imperative way to talk, almost like giving you an order, and with her Italian accent: “I don’t want to see you sad, Julio Andre.” Sorry gramma, I can’t do that right now.

It’s a little bit of a pain to be far away from your family but you know, deep down, that one day you’ll come back and see all them again. But it really hurts knowing that, even if you come back, that person won’t be there.

Miss you already gramma. Miss you forever.

SCO Says IBM Hurt Profits


AlanS2002 sends in a link from a local Utah newspaper covering the SCO-IBM trial. The Deseret News chose to emphasize SCO’s claim that IBM hurt SCO’s relationship with several high-tech powerhouses, causing SCO’s market share and revenues to plummet. “[A]n attorney for Lindon-based SCO said IBM ‘pressured’ companies to cut off their relationships with SCO. And ‘the effect on SCO was devastating and it was immediate’…” As usual Groklaw has chapter and verse on all the arguments in the motions for summary judgement.

“You see, your honour, we sue them for something they didn’t do, we couldn’t prove it, they sued us back and this is hurting our profits!”

What a bunch of stupid pricks…

Funniest Hero quote

The day my father Odin banished me from Asgard, I was bitten by a vampire and had radioactive waste dumped into my eyes. To make matters worse, my mutant ability to control weather activated just as a I was hit by a blast of gamma radiation.

Deadpool, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

You know, somewhat I fell that he missed saying something like “bitten by a genetic-modified spider when he joined an army experiment”.

[Now, try to list every marvel super-hero in that quote.]

Giving Wordy a spin

So, finally, I decided to put Wordy as default theme. So far, I’m kinda pleased with it. I still have some things to fix but, so far, I’m think it will be the most awesome theme for WordPress EVER!