My 18 year old quest

When I was 12, I got a Hotbit from my parents.

Later, I bought a diskette drive for it and got a shoe box full of disks with games. Between those disks, there was “Nemesis”.

I was not good at it. Nowhere good. It was hard to just complete the first leve.

But now, 18 years later, I bought a PSP, a 64 handheld console. And I bought a game called “Gradius Collection”. And then, I could finally try to beat the game. It took two weeks (not counting those 18 years between seeing the game for the first time and buying a PSP), playing it from time to time, to finally see the ending credits:

Now, the question that it is probably roaming your head is: “What kind of fucktard would buy a 64 machine to play an emulation of an 8 bit game and feel happy about it?” Well, the answer is: Gradius is not an easy game. It is not just “select your skills and shoot everything” or “kill things, get money, buy armour/weapons, rinse, repeat”. Those are the games we play today. They don’t have something like “you have to watch around your ship and around the screen at the same time and if you get a hit, just one single hit, you are dead.”

In those 18 years, I played several games and none of them let me so frustated to die than Nemesis/Gradius. And none of them let me so excited about completing a level than Nemesis/Gradius.

Finally I understand why “real men play gradius”.

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