I wish I knew kung-fu…

… so I could punch myself so hard to be unconscious for three days.

One of the things that I really hate when I do is to let other people down. That actually comes back like 10x worst to me. Multiply by 2 if it is someone I care about. Add all people involved. There you can imagine how I feel when I had this thinking that I failed someone else expectations.

It all started when the real estate agent that is handling the selling of the house. The girl that actually rented said that I should give the real estate people any ideas about getting the keys of the house. And I actually did. So, failed one.

Later, the guys at the office start playing some games and I decided to join them. It was when I finally had to realise I really suck at some games. I mean, a black hole playing the game wouldn’t suck so much. And, in the middle of it, I could hear some frustration about the way I was playing in their voices. So, again, I was ruining their fun (and letting them down for not playing in the same level they where playing).

Total count for the day: 5 * 10 * 2. Just to make things clearer, right now I feel I’m like -100.

Another fucking day in my life.

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