It sounded dirty, but I decided to dig anyway; I just found more dirt

My iPod is starting to behave quite weirdly: it is locking up, the volume sometimes starts to jump from very high to very low when you are moving really slowly in the circle thing and the “letter jump” is really annoying now (I guess this is somewhat related to the circle problem).

Should I buy another iPod? Probably. But I have right here, in my gadget pack, a brand new N800, which can have two 8Gb SD cards. Ok, it is nowhere near the 60Gb I have on my iPod, but I guess I could get rid of some songs or buy some more SD cards and have some music collections instead of putting all them in the same place.

When you think about multimedia on the N800, the first thing that may come to your mind is Canola. It is a media player developed by INdT, the “Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia” (Nokia Technological Institute), which seems to be a Brazilian arm of the Nokia guys. I was kinda worried about installing it on my N800, as there were several reports of other applications crashing or simply not working once you install it, due some changes in the DBUS configuration, which manages almost everything in the device (or, at least, that’s what the INdT reported in the list as the reason things were failing after the installation). Digging in the site, looking for some more technical information, I found this:

Q: Is Canola Free? Is it also Open Source?
A: Yes and No. Canola is free, and will continue to be free but it’s not YET open source. We have plans to release the source or at least a big part of it, which will allow users to create custom plugins.

Ok, hold a second there. What do you mean “it is not free”? It runs on a free kernel (Linux), using a free graphical interface (KDrive, based on the X.Org code), using (probably, as you can’t open it to check) free sound library (GStreamer) (and the interface seems to be build using SDL, which is also free, but I’ll not push that far on my assumptions) and your code, which may crash several other applications is not free?!?!?

Wake up, INdT. You are not in Microsoft bandwagon, where you can write crappy applications and say “ok, it is fine; the problem is somewhere else”. You want Canola to rule? Open it up! Let people hack it! Let people fix those little stupid things you left behind for you.

Really. I want to write a plugin for it. But I completely refuse to do such a job or install it if I can’t see the code.

PS: And when I was thinking about writing one media player myself, I just found UK Media Player and life is good again.

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