If you try to get the route from “Sydney, Australia” to “Porto Alegre, Brazil”, Google Maps won’t say you to swim across the ocean. But, if you use Maemo Mapper, it will say that the distance between the two cities is 12.527,37km (using the same Maps!).

(Actually, that’s the distance between where I work and my mum’s apartment.)

Now, if you take that the Earth has a Equatorial circumference of 40.075,02km and that both Sydney and Porto Alegre are around the same meridional zone (Porto Alegre is 31o while Sydney is 33o) it means that I’m just a few kilometers from being in a cartoonish position where I could say “If I dig a hole, I’ll get back home!”.

2 thoughts on “Distances

  1. Well, that’s what I meant when I said “just a few kilometers” from the “proper” position. My line of thinking was “ok, the equatorial distance is 40k km, I’m 12k km away from home, so I move “just” 8k km and I’m there!

    Also, I was not thinking about going through the center of the planet (and, right now, I just realized how stupid that thought was: I could, say, “dig sideways” [like a trench] and have a hole from Porto Alegre to Novo Hamburgo.)

    But that is an amazing site, thanks for the Link.

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