Things I’m not sure I should buy (but deep down I want to)

  • Mac: yes, a MacBook (or PowerBook or whatever is the name of the day). I mean, I really not attached to the Mac OS X, although I want to check why so many people like it so much (and, if I really don’t like it, I can still run Ubuntu). What impresses me is the hardware, actually: no other laptop have so much battery juice as any mac laptop (and it looks like Apple is working on a new version which should have an even longer battery life). But I have one Dell and it does everything I need; unfortunately, at the same time, it is stupidly heavy and not easy to carry around.
  • DS: Another gadget to my list. I have a PSP, I don’t play it too often, but I really like the games I have (ok, I really like Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai and I’m not playing the other games I have, like Tomb Raider: Legend and Ridge Racer). But the idea of having Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training, Pokémon [kill me for that, but I really like the game] and Meteos really excites me (I’ve played the first and the last, one some friend’s DS).