Web 2.1?

Today I was thinking about this new generation of “Web 2.0” sites when something struck me:

Have you ever realize how things are becoming increasingly easy to talk about yourself? I mean, look around:

  • Blogs, although exist for decades now, were the first “web 2.0” thing, as any user could add information (well, not in a “2.0”, but anyone can add comments — almost). Blogs are a place were people can post their point of view.
  • Twitter, also called, “micro-blogging application” is a tool to let people say what they are doing;
  • Orkut (not 2.0 yet, but I want to make a point) is an application to people show their friends; Facebook seems to be the next generation of such social networking, allowing people to plug more stuff about themselves;
  • People post links on Del.icio.us, showing what they find interesting;
  • With last.fm, people can show what they are listening;
  • YouTube let people show their videos to anyone;
  • RSS can be a wrapper around anything else.

Now, take a step back and look again: who are they? I used this word on everything in the list, but take a closer look at my links, specially under the “Myself” list. Yes, I’m using every one of the above and mostly to talk about myself. And today a friend asked me if someone cared about what he was doing, which, actually points to everything above: Do anyone care about what I think? Do anyone care of how many friends I have ((not to mention that you can have lots of friends but only a few would help you get out of deep shit))? Or what I’m listening? So, why keep it going?

The thing is, the answer for all the questions above is “maybe”. Maybe my mum would like to know exactly what I’m doing right now; maybe my co-workers would like to know what I’m thinking; maybe my friends ((the real ones and those that just hang around) would like to know what I’m listening.

And those are the mysteries of the web 2.0…