Knight Rider 2008

Transformers, Thundercats, Miami-Vice and… Knight Rider.

Let’s just hope they won’t do the same shit they did in 1991. Let’s hope it is something like “Knight Rider Begins”…

4 thoughts on “Knight Rider 2008

  1. Don’t forget Beverly Hills Cop, Indiana Jones, Batman, Dukes of Hazzard and lots of others. The once powerful Movie industry’s ideas are over.

  2. Except that, for Batman, the producers realized that the people who saw Batman a long time ago are now mature people and so the movie (and the story and the character) should mature too.

    All the others in the list were simply: let’s make the same thing, but bigger and with more explosions.

  3. That’s true. Miami Vice was also pretty mature, compared to the 80’s series.

  4. im so, so, just,… i cant wait to see this bad boy in action. A new Knight Rider! it should be good. Its not about super hero powers or anything like that its just plain old think it up, get the clues, Find the guy and drive that awesome CAR that kicks 007 but!

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