Fighting my first Australian flu

It was bound to happen. After six months in Australia, I had to get a flu. And I must say it is the worst flu I ever got. I’m not sure if the fact that I’m doing the gym helped anything, or that now I have a weird diet, but honestly I never felt so shitty before.

I took some meds, went to bed and could feel my tights burning. I’m not joking: I was feeling kinda cold, but the moment, I got under the quilt, I start feeling warm already. After one minute, I felt I could boil an egg if someone left one between my legs — if I could stand still. My legs were a little bit sore after gym Monday and the flu didn’t made it easier. Actually, my chest and tights were sorer than ever and every position I tried let something hurting.

8pm and I was feeling completely shit. My arms were cold, my face was buring, as my legs and my feet were cold. I decided to take a shower to try to balance the temperatures, only to feel sicker and throw up. Fortunately, and weirdly enough, it made me feel better.

Sleep? No chance. I tried and tried, but I couldn’t unfocus on the pain in the legs. I had some weird visions of fast changing images (can’t remember which ones), but I guess it was enough to overwhelm my brain enough to fall sleep.

Today I’m still a little bit sore, my throat is sore and I’m having some trouble focusing (not to mention actually speaking).

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