Magic protein

For about two weeks already, my stomach was acting up: I would eat something and, after a while, it would get upset. Not good. Yesterday, things got worst: because I couldn’t eat properly, I bought some digesting cookies. On the second cookie, my stomach got upset. And the whole day was “I’m feeling a little bit hungry; I’ll eat another cookie” and, with half-eaten cookie, my stomach got upset. The whole day, all I could eat was just six cookies, nothing more.

Training was a hell. I was feeling really low. Simple exercises would take longer to do and I couldn’t lift as much weight as I’m used to. In the end of the session, I asked my personal trainer if she saw any problem if I took a protein shake (hey, you never know; maybe there was something I shouldn’t be taking when you are feeling sick.) Anyway, I got a drink that looked like chocolate milk in a box which should have 30g of protein. I felt a little bit weird after that (my stomach was not upset, but wasn’t fine too). Today, amazingly, I had a proper lunch and I’m feeling much much better.

Go figure.