I just changed my domain name. “slowhome” is no more and now everything should be directed to “JulioBiason.Net”. The reasoning behind this change is that I wanted to have something I could give to people in the business area, like my email (and, let’s be honest, “slow @ slowhome . org” doesn’t sound nice).

For the moment, all traffic from slowhome is being redirected to and it would be like this till the domain expires (9 months from now).

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  1. Halo !

    I have this problem, when I need to say my email, it’s terrible, the people doesn’t understand ‘e-s-t-a-n-i-s-l-a-u’, I’m borred with it, but, it’s my registered mark :-P

    Your new domain it’s very, very good, congratulations ;-)


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