Can’t stop listening II

I listened to “Hell or Heaven” around 10 times, starting over once it finish. But today I just found a free download on, Michael Schenker Group — Diggin’ Hard and, so far, I listened it 21 times. No lyrics this time, ’cause this is an instrumental song. But it is so nice to hear, I could work all day listening to this non-stop.

Air guitar not included but highly recommended. :)

Special Note

Although I know that she doesn’t read my blog, I want to wish my mum a happy birthday.

It is weird being so far away that I can’t take, say, a one-hour-trip and give her a hug. Even when she was living in Costa Rica, she would be around for her birthday. Now I’m 24 hours-in-a-plane distant from her. So it is not a simple task to come around and give her a hug.

Back to the brain-worm catcher (again)

A year and half doing therapy. That’s what I did before coming to Australia. Six months here and it seems everything we (me and my psychologist) archived went down. I’m kinda back to square one. That’s why I’m really looking forward for tomorrow, when I’m going to start doing therapy again.

It’s kinda weird realize that, after so long, I don’t like being depressed anymore. A long time ago I came with the conclusion that, although it was not nice, being depressed was my “safe place”; I would feel weird when I’m not depressed. Now it is the other way around.

Mum says it is my “astral hell” and that everything will be fine after my birthday. But, deep down, I know it is not that simple.