Mitter, originally uploaded by Julio Biason.

After some fights, I finally managed to make Mitter look nice. Now I just need to add some menus, an update status window and port it to Hildon.

Edit 1: And the project page, if you are interested in the code of it. No formal release yet (I really need to created a distutil file for it before releasing.)

What? Me, Sick?

What? Me? Sick?, originally uploaded by Julio Biason.

Multigenics (two tables): Multi-vitamin
Ultra Muscleze (one teaspoon): Magnesium, for anxiety
Natural E (two tables): Vitamin E
CoQ10 (one capsule) : Improves cardiovascular functions (and makes things easier when I’m doing exercises)
Ginseng & Zizyphus (eight pills): Anti-depressant.

All this, every morning.

Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

One of the things that pisses me off is when someone uses open source and don’t give the credit to the authors.

This happens a lot with web applications.

Several times I looked at some site and thought “hey, that’s a nice engine those guys got there”, only to find, in some weird way, that it is just a theme for WordPress. Honestly, that’s probably the least credited open source project ever (well, maybe after Apache and PHP, anyway). Several themes around remove the “powered by WordPress” completely.

Come on! It is not that hard to add a simple “powered by” in the bottom of the page…

Crowded House Concert

Yup, my first Australian concert happened last night. And, honestly, I can’t say I regret it. I mean, I chose a band which I only knew one song and bought CDs a few weeks before the concert. But, in the end, I had a lot of fun.

The show started with an Irish band called “The Walls”. They are not bad, but I don’t think they are good either. They played about 5 songs and left the stage for “Augie March”. It seems they are somewhat famous around, even if I never heard about them, as some people really cheered when they entered the stage. I can’t really say if they are good or bad, as the sound was too loud to get most of it. And the lightning sucked. The guys may be good, but their crew is really sloppy and ruined the show.

Then, Crowded House. Yes, they are actually good. I mean, REALLY GOOD! Either that or they were on playback all the time (but I guess every band gets good after playing a long time.) Sometimes, they would stop between songs and do jokes and play around, do jokes between them and so on. It was the kind of show that the band was having fun in the stage and decided to bring the audience to it. It was fun for people in the audience and for the band.

And here is the setlist (thanks to Cameron, as I couldn’t identify most of songs):

  1. Private Universe
  2. World Where You Live
  3. Don’t Stop Now
  4. Fall At Your Feet
  5. Whispers & Moans
  6. English Trees
  7. Heaven That I’m Making
  8. Love You Till The Day I Die
  9. Silent House
  10. Don’t Dream It’s Over
  11. Pour Le Monde
  12. Walked Her Way Down
  13. When You Come
  14. Distant Sun

  15. Locked Out
  16. Something So Strong
  17. Weather With You
  18. Four Seasons In One Day
  19. Italian Plastic
  20. Better Be Home Soon

I took some pictures, but my camera sucks on dark environments. The ones that didn’t suck too much I uploaded to Flickr. You can check them here. All those and the ones that sucked will be uploaded to my picture site later.