Nothing Lasts Forever

I was cleaning my stuff, checking whatever I’ll take back to Brazil (for the holidays) and what I’ll leave here and I found this poem by one of my old flatmates. Because I suck at keeping papers around, I decided to post it here, to 1) have a safe place for it and 2) show how amazing this guy is. All grammar errors are his fault. :)

Nothing Lasts Forever

Even a solid rock outcrop will, over time fade away. If everything has its own energy, aura, where does it go? Simple it’s all part of the whole. So as the tiny single grains of sand lay at the bottom of the ocean or gets swept with the tide up unto the beach. It continues on to have another purpose; it helps create a seabed, which could be home to much sea life or a beautiful beach, which creates landscape or the nesting area for turtles.

The point is here that whenever something is gone doesn’t mean it’s the end. It continues on in another form, thought, belief. We too are part of the whole. If there is bad things that happen to you or you find things disappear, broke or just didn’t last. It had a purpose. It is for us to understand and except this. The grain of sand lying in the beach does not get upset at all. Everything has a purpose.

Nothing lasts forever,
But don’t wait for “forever”
To do the things you choose to do
Or tell people “I love you”

A grain of sand was part of a
Majestic mountain
And now its part of the beach
At cape tribulation

For we all feel the pain
We are different but the same
Nothing lasts forever
Even the cold hard rain

Valentino Costa