Why the new ending of “Return of the Jedi” sucks

I had a discussion a long time ago with Hisham about the re-mastered version of “Return of the Jedi”. Our discussion was about showing Anakin as a teenager or as an old man. My point of view was that showing Anakin as an old man meant that he was saved and was a jedi again; Hisham point was that he was not a jedi anymore, as he turned a sith in his teen years.

Today I saw “Return of the Jedi” again. And there is a line that Darth Vader, without a mask, says:

“You were right, Luke. Tell your sister that you were right. Now leave me.”
“No dad. I’ll save you!”
“You already did, son.”

So, as you can see, in the end, Anakin was not a sith anymore. I still believe that, if he isn’t a sith anymore, he became a jedi again (after all, he probably still can control his “midcloridians”.)

One thought on “Why the new ending of “Return of the Jedi” sucks

  1. Eu lembro disto e concordo contigo e não sou só eu.

    Os filmes originais foram relançados, inclusive no Brasil, o que significa que o George Lucas também concorda e sim o Han Solo atira primeiro.

    Eu só vou ter que vender a minha caixa alterada antes de comprar eles de novo pq eu e não vou pagar duas vezes pela mesma coisa.

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