We always take the side of the famous one

A long time about (a year?) Nightwish split. I can recall people saying that Tarja complained that Tuomas never tell her how was the “feeling” of the song, that she had to put her own emotions on the lyrics and figure out what they really meant. I guess it was written in her open letter, after the other band mates put an open letter explaining why they decided to keep going without her.

All that time, I followed that idea: Tarja was right, Tuomas was not a good leader and she was unrightfully thrown out of the band.

And then came the new singer and the new album Dark Passion Play.

And guess what? It is really awesome. They are back in the classical/metal mix, not the somewhat-classical/kinda-pop songs. Which makes me rethink the reasons behind Tarja being thrown out. One of the reasons said in the open letter form the band said that she became “too comercial.” Now, looking back at their latest album, the pop one, it really looks like they were trying to reach a different group. You know, one not in the metal/classical area. I can’t say for sure, but maybe someone pushed the strings to that direction.

I’m changing my opinion now: Nightwish is better without Tarja.

Apple just likes what you bought from Apple

I sold my soul to the devil. And now I’m paying the price for it.

I bought a MacBook Pro. Shinny stuff. “Let’s give it a fair go”, I thought. So I let it installed (and did not replace it with Ubuntu) and tried to use its applications. And I must say one thing: while I can’t use Windows ’cause I feel like it is always trying to get in your way, OS X doesn’t. It is almost like Linux (well, GNOME, actually, since it is my preferred desktop environment), except for the stupid default options (tab just jumps over text fields, why?)

As any good geek, I broke the system by forcefully removing Python 2.3 (which is part of the system). And, since I couldn’t find a package to reinstall it on the CDs, I decided to format and reinstall everything.

After almost two hours (why every installation need to check the DVD integrity?), I had a system running again. Time to setup the most used application in any computer I had: the music player. So, because I had synced my iPod with iTunes before formating, I thought it would be just a matter of pluging the iPod, point that this is my computer and that is my iPod and everything would be fine. Wrong.

You see, I set up iTunes with my iTMS account. So I could transfer the songs I bought there to the computer. But there was no fucking way to say “now transfer all other songs.” iTunes refused to open the iPod songs and I couldn’t find a way to say “this is MY iPod, you freaking stupid piece of computer crap.” There was only one option: erase and sync (which meant I would delete everything on my iPod and then copy the songs I bought from iTMS to it. Bu-bye 6000 songs, hello 100 songs. Not good. Because I’m really fussy with my songs, I made a backup of all of them on my external drive. So I had to copy all of them back to iTunes, then I could erase my iPod and sync again.

Honestly, I felt like I was using Windows again. The operating system decided to get on the way I do my stuff. Why can’t I just use my iPod was a big USB drive and ask the computer to copy them from one side to the other?


Do you guys remember Sheila?

Well, I don’t have it anymore. When I went to Brazil, I left it on Julio’s garage. It seems that one of his neighbours moved and left his garage open. Since there is just a screen between car boxes, the robers just cut through it and took it away. Now that I’m a cycloholic, I just can’t live without a bike. So, there I went to the bike shop again and bought a new one.

I present you, Lizzy:

(which is the short for “Elizabeth”.)

It is the same model (Azzurri Tigre) with the same components (Shimano Tigra). The only difference is the frame: it is a carbon frame in a single piece.

Life imitates art

What’s the opposite of “jumping the shark”?

Note: I know what it is. It is up to you to find out what that means in my life. Tip: it is related to the “evil-twin”.

In search of my spirituality

I was born in a catholic family, so I was baptized and had my first communion. When you are young, you really don’t think too much about it; it simply is.

When I got older, they idea of some über-being, which could control everything and everyone (how could you get what you want if It couldn’t change the way some people thing?) seemed really impossible. I couldn’t believe in such thing. So I start calling me atheist. I remember mum almost freaking out when I said that.

On my depression crisis, when I was doing therapy, I got hooked into psychology. I really like the idea of something deeper inside that could explain what we are and why we take some decisions. I start reading Jung and came with some of his thoughts about spirituality. He believed that, for a complete integration between the unconscious and conscious pieces of the mind, a man must find his spirituality. He also made pretty clear that it was not related to religion: most religions were interested mostly in filling their pockets and not in saving someone soul. At that point, I decided that the only “God” I needed was inside me. In a quiz, I got the answer (unless the person that made the quiz doesn’t really understand religion): I was a Satanist, someone who believes that spirituality and salvation comes from within, not from something outside.

I kept that idea of “there is no God” for a long time. Till, in 2005 (when mum finally accepted my atheism), when I was in trip in Europe with my parents, I couldn’t stop thinking that there was something really strong with it, as mum wanted to get inside every church when came to. How could something that doesn’t exist move such woman, older and more experienced than me? But, still, there was no God.

And then I moved to Australia. And, facing some difficult time, I caught myself looking at the sky, in the night, asking “It is that what You planned?” And I knew there would be no answer. But, somehow, I felt I was talking to someone, even if that someone couldn’t change a thing about anything that was going on and would never answer any question. I start to believe, at that point, that there was some über-being, but It wouldn’t change my life, someone else’s life or make some miracle and fix everything in my life. But It was there, no matter what. And talking to someone (I can’t really remember if it was someone here in Australia or someone back in Brazil), I got the name for that belief: Deism.

The hidden cost of buying digital products online

Today I had my first experience using a digital music provider system. I was there, with my MacBook in front of me, listening to the same old songs and there was that “Store” option right in the screen. “What the hell,” I thought. “It may not be all that bad.” So, after browsing some bands, all which had things I already had or not so interesting albums, I decided to buy the latest “Shadow Gallery” album, “Prime Cuts.”

There is one thing weird about online shopping for things you don’t see. There is no waiting for boxes, no cashing you must take out of your wallet… And iTunes also makes the process of paying completely invisible: you provide your credit card information on account creation and it is never displayed again. So you don’t see your money going out and you don’t see things coming in; ok, maybe your playlist will get larger, but you don’t get that plastic box that you throw out a few months later because you ripped the album anyway and bout a larger storage for your CDs. But, in essence, it is a completely empty process (in what you feel when paying and receiving.)

It is so completely invisible that I manage to buy three more albums before getting worried about how much I was wasting. “Carved in Stone” and “Tyranny“, also by Shadow Gallery. “Crystalline Dreams” and “Alaska” are the awesome songs in the first album (and if Alaska doesn’t use that namesake song as their anthem, they should have their heads examinated, as the lyrics makes you want to move to Alaska.) And “Synthesize” by “Information Society“, a band I thought was dead in the beginnings of the 90s. Still doesn’t sound as “popper” as InSoc was in the end of the 80s, sounding more like techno but hey, it is still InSoc and they sound almost like before, being not so depressive as “Don’t Be Afraid.”

E assim desanda a cultura brasileira…

Duas semanas no Brasil foram o suficiente pra encontrar o porque esse país não vai pra frente. O motivo é simples: a capacidade intelectual do brasileiro foi pro brejo.

Não teve um dia de noticiário em que um entrevistado na rua falhasse na capacidade de manter os pronomes e os substantivos no mesmo número. “As pessoa têm que aprender a usar as ferramenta.” Não foram um ou dois acontecimentos isolados; foi todo o dia. Sem contar aqueles com a capacidade de falar sem dizer nada, que também não foram casos isolados.

Sem contar o anúncio da prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro tentando chamar a atenção com “show de fogos de artifício com efeitos 3D!” No final, o que eles fizeram foi colocar baterias repetidas em posições repetidas, de forma que o mesmo conjutno de fogos aparecesse mesmo visto de posições diferentes. Efeitos 3D minhas bolas! Mas claro, ninguém saberia explicar o que eles queriam dizer com “3D”…

Ninguém consegue mais falar português e tem gente que usa expressões que não fazem o menor sentido. Começaram bem, j´ esquecendo como é que se fala. Daqui pra frente, é só ladeira abaixo…