It is time to start the new Web 2.0 “revolution”

When the term “Web 2.0” was created, it meant the websites would be built using user content, like blogs and such.

Then, at some point, social networks became on of the sons of the Web 2.0 revolution. Everybody jumped into that and now we have thousands of social networks websites.

It seems that there is a new thing going in the Web 2.0 scene: social aggregators. What it does is just keep people informed about the things you do in such 2.0 sites. You post something in your blog and it will show up in a place; you update your profile in a social network website and it will appear in the same place; you listen to a song and there it is. Mugshot is the one I know, but I guess there are more around.

Now, I feel it will be the next wave of Web 2.0 things is the “social profile updater” sites. By that, I mean a website that keeps all your information and, when you change something, it will update all your social network websites (as long as the website keep that information.) Say, you move to a new place and, instead of updating your address in all the social network websites, you just update in one place and the updater will update your profile in all of those. New photo? No worries, it will update all the websites.

Honestly, I kinda hope that this happens. I’m getting tired of updating my picture in five different places each time…