Google Code is letting me down

I’m hosting Mitter on Google Code. They offer this nice SVN repository, and they have bug tracking and you can even have pages for your applications (using a Wiki-like syntax.) And it’s all free.

The problem I’m facing with Google Code is that I got patches for almost every single missing bit on Mitter, but I never got any email pointing that, even when I set it to send me emails when someone changes an issue I’m the owner or in the CC list or I starred it (and I did both on all issues.)

So, if you submitted any patches or issues on Mitter since last December, please accept my apologies for not replying your comments. I’ll try my best to fix that in the next days (if not today.)

And no, it’s not my mail server problem. I’m using my Gmail account for that.

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2 Responses to Google Code is letting me down

  1. Greg Stein says:

    Have you seen this FAQ entry?

    If you’re talking about personal email, please check your Spam folder. You may need to add codesite-noreply to your Contacts in order to receive the emails.

  2. Julio Biason says:

    @Greg: Thanks, but there was nothing on my personal email or the Gmail account. And, weirdly enough, I’m getting everything now.

    As I used to say: “Things only work when you complain that they are not working” ;)

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