I’m not a good interface designer

… so I’m asking you this, internet: Which one is better:


Just ignore the colours and the size of the toolbar. Those are user configurable.

PS: Maybe I can remove the headings for the tweets and get some more space…

6 thoughts on “I’m not a good interface designer

  1. Personally, I’m not convinced that you need any of those icons, so I’d use a GTKMenu instead.

    A few other suggestions:

    * Manually refreshing shouldn’t be required that often if your auto-refresh settings are decent.
    * Delete buttons could go inside the GTKTreeView as a widget for each item (that would get rid of the need to select an item and then move the mouse down [or up] to the delete button).
    * You’ve already got the max/min/close widgets as part of the Window, so an exit button isn’t required.
    * Set headers-visible=false on your GTKTreeView, given that Twitter messages are always time-sequential.

    Hope that helps :).

  2. @Nathan: One of the reasons I added the buttons was because it fits the Maemo design (well, most of the applications, anyway.) The toolbar there is way smaller and stays in the bottom of the page.

    When you say “GTKMenu”, you meant “use a popup menu”? No thanks, I don’t like things that are not explicit.

    1) The Refresh button is there because there is no auto-refresh yet. But good point, I would probably forget to remove it after adding auto-refresh. ;)

    2) I don’t think it makes sense showing a delete option on posts that are not yours. And I’m not sure if there is a way to expand a cell to another column (I’ll check anyway.)

    3) Again, the exit is there because I was thinking about the Maemo layout. I’ll remove it.

    4) I just did that, I just didn’t commit or take another screenshot ;)

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. @Julio: When I refer to GTKMenu, I’m talking about using gtk_menu_new(). Things like manual refresh, preferences access, exiting & help should be hidden using the usual GTKMenu system.

    Regarding 2, you would only show delete for your own posts. You also wouldn’t need another column, just override the cell renderer using a GtkCellRendererPixbuf.

  4. Julio – I think I prefer the first one. Having the buttons above the text box makes me think the buttons should do something to the text, which they don’t.

    I’m eager to use Mitter on my N800 – do you have any news regarding a Maemo release?

  5. @Josh: Right now, there is no toolbar at all in the Linux interface. We moved everything to the menu.

    The plans for N800 is this: Right now, we are finding some small issues with the Linux interface, which is pretty good, as it gives us some idea of may happen in the N800. At the moment, I’m redesigning the HTTP class ’cause everything we do that hangs the interface (and I’m pretty sure that will happen in the Maemo interface as well.) As soon as I finish this, I’ll do some cosmetic changes (small stuff) and then, finally, I can start the Maemo interface properly.

    One of the good things about all this is that Hildon is not all that different from GTK+, so we could reuse almost every single aspect of the Linux interface. The difference, though, is that I know that the behaviour on Maemo should be different from the behaviour on Linux, so the toolbar will appear again there and other small visual differences.

    Stay tuned! ;)

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