Twitter Updates for 2008-04-20

  • Hm… Exceeded my request limit rate using Mitter. That’s some good testing, right? #
  • Looks like httplib is not very good to download images… #
  • Now I totally lost my faith on "The Spirit" movie: #
  • And httplib is good for downloading images, except when you have a redirect in between. #
  • @antrix Is there an httplib2? Or do you mean urllib2? ‘Cause I was thinking about using urllib2 already… #
  • @antrix urllib2 just doesn’t fit on my new Thread-HTTP class, but since I’m breaking everything any, it wouldn’t be so bad… #
  • @antrix I’m not very keen in adding another external lib. #
  • @antrix I don’t like more external things because of the Maemo interface. I’d have to package Mitter AND httplib2 to make it work there. #

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