Twitter Updates for 2008-04-29

  • UrbanDictionary: Proving that my English isn’t that bad. #
  • Hey @antrix, did you see this: #
  • @antrix: Well, it’s not the "Maemo Twitter" anymore, anyway. But I got some "not a good name" around too. Any ideas? #
  • @antrix: Honestly, I like the name "Twitch". #
  • @antrix: Not yet. I’m far from Linux boxes these days :( And I still want to fix Mitter to make it work under Windows again. #
  • Pink Floyd reference in WoW: on Quest ‘Triage’, one of the patients sings ‘Goodbye Cruel World.’ #
  • @antrix: At normal hours. Now you should ask when I *sleep*. :) #
  • @antrix: I’ll sleep when I’m dead. :D #
  • @antrix: (Btw, I saw that line in WoW last weekend, but the song just played here, which made me remember the whole thing) #
  • Hm… Everything is fine with PyGTK. The problem is inside Mitter. #

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