Twitter Updates for 2008-04-17

  • @mirianb Ok, MusicBrainz + MMM = Organized music collection happiness. #
  • Just created my first Launchpad app: Let’s see if it is better than GoogleCode. #
  • @mirianb Fix you music collection? ;) #
  • @mirianb: Eu acho que tu nao nasceu pra posts de 140 caracteres ou menos :D #
  • Wow, Chris Rock in Sydney! And one day before my birthday! #
  • Writing awesome code again. #
  • I really think Twitter should increase their maximum post size to 255 characters instead of 140. #
  • One day I’ll fully understand *args and **kwargs and my code will totally rocks everyone socks off. #
  • @antrix: Oh cool. But actually there was nothing wrong with my *args and **kwargs. I was sending the wrong number of parameters ;) #
  • @ferhr Let me guess (phonetically): Geen (no, "sem") problem (problem), vriende (friend), Ik (I) haat (have) gadgetry (gadgetry). :) #
  • Woke up with the sound of the storm. #
  • Missed the bus to work by 1 minute. Now, wait for 30 minutes. #
  • @ferhr: Ok, I’m confused. "Haat" could be "have" or "hate" (again, I’m trying to translate this phonetically.) #
  • Oh God, no more rain, please! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-16

  • @mirianb Novo PIPCA, nao. Eu so do tempo do velho PIPCA. #
  • Just wondering if "Live-Action in 3D" makes any sense. So far, I don’t think it does. #
  • Lovely dog: #
  • @mirianb Oh, tu nao tinha que estar fazendo teu TC? ;) #
  • @mirianb So’ lembra com quem tu ta’ falando (com o cara que nunca terminou um TC) ;) #
  • @mirianb (obviamente, eu to falando de mim, nao do post perdido no meio.) #
  • @mirianb Um dia, quem sabe… #
  • @mirianb Nao, nao tem como fazer reply pra um tweet especifico. E’ sempre pro ultimo (e o Twitter manter um ID do tweet que tu ta’ replying) #
  • @sapuglha: Eu sei, e’ trouxa. #
  • @sapuglha: A unica coisa que o reply-button faz e’ colocar um @<user> no textarea e mudar o foco. #
  • @sapuglha: Mantenha a "twittersfera" (EARGH!) informada. #
  • Geez, I have some pretty good Pink Floyd songs that I never listened because I didn’t other song in the album. #
  • "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" is really good. #
  • Do you have the time? Google have it: #
  • Too much free time: #
  • I’m not a Naruto fan, but I’m impressive by this game visuals: #
  • Looks like Google Code went down on their hosted projects. In the exact moment I was about to branch Mitter for further breakage. #
  • And yes, I like the word "breakage". #
  • I guess I’m going to read my book while I wait for Google to sort their hosting out. #
  • Oh cool. Google Code is back, but I can’t commit the branching ’cause it is in read-only mode. Launchpad looks more interesting every day. #
  • Does Google Code hosting have a maillist or something to tell people that it is going down or maintenance or something? #
  • Ok, they have on the main page, but no one is saying anything about this :-/ #
  • Out for movie. #
  • @mirianb Se teus MP3 tao com os tags corretos, tu pode usar o MMM pra colocar eles em diretorios corretos (MMM=Move My Music) #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-15

  • Carbide seems incapable of properly redrawing itself sometimes. #
  • … not to mention put the errors in the right order, so you don’t spend hours trying to find a bug which is actually a result of other. #
  • gobject.idle_add is evil. *EVIL*! #
  • I was thinking about buying an iPod Touch, but what Apple is doing is completely stupid. #
  • I can’t see my songs on my laptop, even after copying them from my iPod. #
  • Oh, it is so good to have my songs back… #
  • Something is really wrong with the new "update-in-a-thread" code in Mitter. #
  • @antrix: Just keep fixing bugs and I won’t remove your name there ;) #
  • Dear Apple: You don’t own my music; you don’t own my data. Stop trying to hide it from me. Love, Julio. #
  • @antrix: Oh, btw: The coloured links are there because of issue #29 (just a start, though.) #
  • Mitter timed updates is completely broken now. Sorry about that, people. #
  • Cool! I managed to make Subversion conflict with my own previous commit! (Change code, commit, change the same place, svn up, conflict) #
  • To Darwin (v): To remove yourself from the gene pool in a stupid way. "Setting your balls on fire is a way to darwin yourself." #
  • Hm… Twitter is having caching issues. Maybe Mitter is not that broken, after all… #
  • Yup, Mitter is fine, people! I still am the most awesome developer in this planet. #
  • No, wait, scratch that. There is something wrong here… #
  • @antrix: probably. Will do it right now (yup, I’m hacking Mitter again.) #
  • @antrix: Hm… it’s not that. Somewhat things are getting stuck in the post-refresh function… #
  • @antrix: I think threads_enter() and threads_leave() did the trick. Reopening #12 till this thing stabilizes. #
  • He is dead, Jim. #
  • I just revived my iPod. It is going to be my "current iTunes music folder" backup. Backups to Dreamhost are stil going to happen. #
  • Now Mitters locks just after a single update. Nice. So fucking nice. #
  • @antrix: No good here. Got some rejections (due local changes) but the interface locks as soon as it finishes donwloading the first avatar. #
  • @antrix: Thanks. I’m too tired today to do a proper merge, probably ;) #
  • @antrix: And remember that you have svn access to commit changes! ;) #
  • @antrix: Ah, I see that you are creating a thread to download every image (not to mention, the image in every tweet…) #
  • @antix: And looks like Mitter now locks just after an update.
    I used to like threads. I really did. #
  • @antrix: Wait! I just had the most bestest idea ever. MORTAL BREAKAGE! #
  • The understanding a problem domain is directly related to the number of failures when trying to solve such problem. #
  • @antrix: Yeah, it wasn’t noticeable before too. I just didn’t like the idea of opening several connections ;) #
  • I have this awesome idea (code) in my head, but I’m to tired to actually write it. #
  • I’ll read one of the three books I’m trying to read at the same time and then fall asleep. #

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Hollywood now watches anime

It looks like, after trying all the comics, Hollywood decided to turn its eyes to the world of anime. Look this list:


Twitter Updates for 2008-04-14

  • My uncle is doing the Compostela pilgrimage… for the 4th time. I’ll try to go with him next year. #
  • Oh, mum wants to do it too. Looks like pilgrimage will be a family event. #
  • Projects list gets bigger: Finish the Linux interface for Mitter; create the Maemo interface for Mitter; start a RememberTheMilk app. #
  • Desktop clutter becomes art: (weirdly enough, the most cluttered desktops I ever saw were Macs.) #
  • I’m open for suggestions on how to call that "RememberTheMilk" app. #
  • "WatchingTheCow"? #
  • @dsturnbull: Weirdly enough, I had an app called "doit". It was a ToDo app, written in Clipper. ;) #
  • @mirianb: O que prova que as regras sao validas (nao existe regra sem excessao.) #
  • Twix is the most awesome chocolate in the world. WORD! #
  • @mirianb: WORD! ;) #
  • Google Code is forgetting to send emails again. #
  • Jean-Michel Jarre is good, but listening to the same album over and over again is making me sick. #
  • I should charge Seagate for my iTunes shopping from now on… #
  • "Oh God of Coding, we sacrifice this bug in thy name!" (burns a source file) #
  • Must… control… myself… not… buying… Pink Floyd… on… iTunes… #
  • I really think I should clean up my desk. #
  • Back to client, before Jean-Michel Jarre drives me to the insanity. #
  • Ok, my desktop is clean now. Now I have to clean my backpack tonight… #
  • Spamming myself with thousands of commits on my code. #
  • Write a generic "run on thread" object or create objects with well-defined pourposes? Decisions, decisions… #
  • Using Vim to see the same file in three different places. Either Vim is really good or my code is really bad. #
  • Mitter now uses a thread to download new Tweets. Now I just need to add the "since" and reduce the size of other requests. #
  • And I broke the "return to the top of the list" when there is new elements… #
  • Hm… looks like we have a race condition now! Woo-hoo! #
  • And just rickroll’d me… #
  • It looks like I fixed a problem with the statusbar too… #
  • Geebuz, I can’t find how we were moving back to the top of the grid… #
  • @antrix: Oh cool. So I didn’t commit the broken code yet ;) #
  • Holy shit! Either I fixed this code or it doesn’t work at all. #
  • Quick! Someone post something! ;) #
  • Oh, screw it. I’m going to commit and the world can test it for me. ;) #
  • And that’s enough Mitter hacking for today (just in case you’re wondering why so many posts…) #
  • GTK people: What’s the event for a double-click on a TreeView? #
  • @antrix: Why? Is my code that bad? ;) #
  • I *still* don’t know how to work with AboutDialog… #
  • Fortunately, there is to help #
  • Even the homeless have good friends: #
  • @antrix Oh, come on! It is not that bad for a "first try code". ;) #
  • @mirianb Eu juro que vi o "row-activated", mas pensei que era quando tu selecionava a linha, nao quando tu "double-click it".Thanks! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-11

  • I wish I could find a way to hack Mitter the whole day and still look like I’m doing real work. #
  • Another day listening to since Seagate can’t do a harddrive with some quality… #
  • player *really* needs a pause button. #
  • Finding a relationship between our project and a 10 year old open source thing really puts me down… #
  • I’m adding "Vocari Dei" by Pain of Salvation on the "Best Songs EVA" playlist. Just because it is so true. #
  • Hm… A playlist with explanations of why the song is there… #
  • Hardy install process is pretty nice. And doesn’t crash under Parallels now. #
  • Parallels: Remove the boot camp image, create new image, try to shut down. It complains that you can’t stop the boot camp image. Stupid. #
  • @antrix: It doesn’t *suck*, but it doesn’t look like it likes when you put something CPU intensive on it… [or without a proper sleep ;)] #
  • @antrix: Unless you have a very slow video card, I guess. Gtk probably call it once it finishes drawing the widgets and stuff… #
  • I’m telling you guys: Iron Man will ROCK! #
  • 7 tweets, following 12k people. You don’t really use Twitter, do you? #
  • Penny-Arcade, fighting hard to stay on the top of "Constantly Having Issues Websites" rankings. #
  • Does anyone use the "Favorite" (the star) on Tweets? #
  • I have being assigned as a second developer of our iPhone/iPod Touch product. That will help me learn Cocoa and help port Mitter to OSX ;) #
  • Dead Parallels: when I focus my virtual image, you change the keyboard focus but not the mouse focus. This is stupid. Love, Julio. #

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You know, when I direct, I always like to cast at least one truly mediocre actor like Mark Hamill, Jake Lloyd or Hayden Christensen. That way I can be sure his performance doesn’t distract the audience from all the cool special effects. You should try to use the same method when you direct this filme. Which reminds me, did we get Shia LaBeouf?

MAD Magazine, spoof letter from George Lucas to Steven Spielberg. You can see it on /Film.