Twitter Updates for 2008-05-01

  • Being sick means more time to write reviews. #
  • That’s why I like "Looking For Group": #
  • Mitter hangs on Windows because of… gtk.gdk.threads_init()! #
  • I guess what’s happening is: the connection object creates threads; threads_init() tries to take over GIL and fails; interface hangs. #
  • Erm… No, it’s not Python threads vs GTK threads. Removing the connection object doesn’t solve the problem. #
  • You know what? Screw the Windows version. It’ll work when I write the Tkinter interface ;) Now, back to the *real* issues… #
  • "Mimimi, Slashdot said that Pidgin now sucks, so I don’t like it anymore." Fuck people, use it first before saying such bullcrap. #
  • Erm… My is a complete mess right now. Maybe I should create a new account and start from scratch… #
  • Reading this whole "Funpidging" is like reading the GONEME debacle all over again. And we know how it ended, right? #

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