Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26

  • iTunes “Show duplicates” is pathetic. #
  • Gosh, I did a joke on Twitter Development list and people are point ‘+1’ to it 8-| #
  • “Oh, hi! I just joined your list. Here, let me complain about stuff I do not understood properly…” #
  • “Including things I did understood, but my framework-of-choice in my language-of-choice wont do by itself.” #
  • I never thought I would watch an YouTube view for work. But it happened. #
  • Ok, forget it. Too much talking and too much bullshiting. #
  • @antrix: It’s the threads man. They are evil. EVIL I SAY! EVIL!!! (Your problem may be the suckiness of Twitter at the moment.) #
  • Telstra technician should come to our place tomorrow to check the pipes. Maybe we get lucky and finally I’d have some internet! #
  • Still to be decided if it’s me or @gakman who is going to stay home tomorrow. #

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