Mitter and Git

For a while, I tried to keep a Git repository of Mitter. It looked all nice and dandy, but it was a pain to keep it up-to-date with everything, not to mention that Git-Svn apparently doesn’t convert SubVersion branches to Git branches (or GoogleCode is broken — anyway, branches doesn’t work for Mitter.)

But, for those who still want to play with Mitter code using Git, there is one solution: I set up a git repository to myself, following just the trunk, which is updated hourly (fetches the trunk from GoogleCode and updates the Git repositories.) The project can be seen here: Just note that I’m not keeping this as the main repository, just a nice thing for people who want to play with Mitter (or Git.)

2 thoughts on “Mitter and Git

  1. Did you use the -s or –branches option of git-svn? You’ll have to explicitly set branches with git-svn before it imports them.

  2. Yes, I did. I also asked about this in the GoogleCode blog about “How to use Git with GoogleCode” and they say their directory structure is not standard and that’s why Git-Svn gets lost. To me, it looks pretty standard, but it doesn’t work as it should.

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