Mitter and the Future Part Deux: Community

Still in the line “What will happen to Mitter now that there are more options around” let me say that one of the things that are driving me back from Twitter development (or, better saying, developing Twitter applications.) is the community of developers.

When I started Mitter development, as usual I decided to lurk around the Twitter Development Talk, a list created by the Twitter developer themselves to talk about the directions of the API and the service. Long before Twitter became the synonym of “it doesn’t scale”, the discussion was always productive, with very small traffic. But it went really downhill after that.

You could find people saying that Twitter decided to close their garden only to read, a few messages later, that they were really abusing the system; a lot of “Twitter is not sending data properly, you broke my product!” complains, when they should be ready for anything and should be way faster if they solve thing on their side. It goes way down, to the point of people almost demanding when Twitter will fix their side. And always almost demanding Twitter to fix their problems.

I’m not trying to defend the brokeness of Twitter. It’s annoying and recently was enough to made me do a quick release ’cause Mitter was crashing hard (due some really broken JSON result) but… demand a fix from a free service? Complain about a service “destroying their business plan” when they were actually abusing the system? Sheesh. People, it is a free service and they have the right to simply close the API ’cause people don’t behave properly. They have no responsibility for your client or your business model.

And the worst part is that Twitter would usually bend over to make those guys happy. It saddens me to see a product with potential being directed away from its original vision to something to make everyone happy. Honestly, what’s the point of developing something for a product that may not be what they pronounced it would be?

Don’t get me wrong about those two posts. I loved Mitter and I still think it’s the best Twitter client around. I surely still want to make it become better and better but, each passing day, I feel more and more disconnected with Twitter.