Every game has its trick

For some unexplainable reason, I decided to dig my DS from the old boxes and make it work again. No too hard, just recharge the batteries and we are ready to rock.

One of the games I barely played before was “Final Fantasy III”. I must admit that, when I bought it, all I was thinking was Black Mage from 8-Bit Theatre.

For those who never played any Final Fantasy, the story is something like this: Darkness and Light stay in balance. When the balance is broken (usually when Darkness get stronger for some reason), the Warriors of Light (usually a band of orphans) must get together and put things in balance again. Or at least, that’s the basic idea behind Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy VIII (or VII, I can’t remember.)

There is an small “trick” to win easily on “VIII”: Collect the most strong magic spells, bind then with your normal attacks (you can, say, bind your sword attack with the fire spell, increasing the damage done) without leveling up. Why you can’t level up? ‘Cause the level of your enemies is based on your level. So, higher levels equals more difficult enemies.

The binding of attack and spell doesn’t exist on III. But there is one thing called “Jobs”. Basically, you can turn your character in any class: Monk, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage, Warrior or Freelancer. And it looks like the way to level up your job is simple staying in battle for long enough. The trick I found in the internet is to select “Guard” for at least 5 rounds; in the end of the battle, every character will get another “job” level, with just a little bit more of experience (so you level you job faster than your character level.) And, with higher jobs, you do more damage with your attacks (almost the same thing with spell binding.) So far, it’s working like a charm.