I just got this email:

to: Admin – If You want to delete your site from my spam list, please sent url of your domain to my emai:
And I will remove your site from my base within 24 hours

PS. As the previous address of an e-mail has been removed also all letters on it have been lost I is compelled to make this dispatch once again.
PS2. To send url your site on an e-mail is a unique way to avoid a spam from me. To write abuses to the various “stop spam” sites – it is useless.
PS3. Your addresses of an e-mail are not necessary to me, you can create an e-mail through free service and send me yours url through this e-mail
PS4. sorry for my bad English :)

So, you know you’re a fucking retarded spammer, but you want to look nice and give me a chance to stop spam ON MY BLOG? I think it’s weird that the fucktard didn’t say something like “Oh, nice blog you have there… Would it be a shame if something happened to it, don’t you think?”

Funny fact is that I didn’t really got this as a comment. Spam Karma got it first and I almost lost it.