Mitter 1.0.0alpha1 “Well, the Lord hates a coward.” released

After a long time, here is a new version of Mitter. This version should, hopefully, pave the way to the magical 1.0 release. A lot of code was rewritten to accommodate new features and fix old bugs.

THIS IS AN ALPHA RELEASE! We want to test most of the new features and code to be sure that things are going to the right way. Some features (like DBus notifications) were disabled at this point to make sure the base code works without a problem. If you want to help, remember to run Mitter from a terminal with the “-d” option (to display debug messages.) Any help is welcome.

  • New, redesigned network layer. This should make things easier for new networks.
  • New, redesign configuration files. This should make to upgrade for newer options if they appear.
  • Most (if not all) hardcoded values were moved to the config file. URL colors, URLS, you can change them by simply changing a config file instead of messing with Python code.
  • Repost (retweet) support in PyGTK interface (working with the Twitter protocol at the moment.)
  • Proper reply support for Twitter
  • Replies are shown in the main window.
  • Favourites.

More info, bug reports, what needs to be done, downloads and everything else is available in the project page.