Mitter 1.0.0alpha2 “Bailiff, I want you to switch the juries.”

Following the continual improvement of Mitter, alpha 2 is now released.

THIS IS AN ALPHA RELEASE! We want to test most of the new features and code to be sure that things are going to the right way. Some features (like DBus notifications) were disabled at this point to make sure the base code works without a problem. If you want to help, remember to run Mitter from a terminal with the “-d” option (to display debug messages.) Any help is welcome.

  • General:
    • Added missing files in the install (via
  • Twitter:
    • Fixed links to reposts.
  • PyGTK:
    • Fixed display of names with “&”.
    • While typing messages, “Del” won’t try to delete the selected message.
    • Actions on messages selected in the “Replies” now work.
    • “Replies” are marked as such in the message lists (with a “in reply to” message.)
    • Removed the “Ctrl” for sending and canceling messages. “Enter” will send the message, “Esc” will cancel.
    • Added missing libraries in the install (via

For the next alpha, I want to mark all strings as “translatable”, paving the way to internationalization.

3 thoughts on “Mitter 1.0.0alpha2 “Bailiff, I want you to switch the juries.”

  1. looking good so far :D

    i guess the ability to minimize to tray will come soon.

    also, two features i would love is a button to mark all read, and also a variant on the repost that work like old retweet :)

  2. I think I’ll bring the minimize to tray back. I just need to be sure that everything else is working fine (so far, it is.) I even thought about it a few days ago.

    I didn’t thought about “mark all as read”. I was using the clear for that (since Mitter don’t have any copies.) I may add, don’t look so much more complicated.

    Old style retweet will not come back. I really don’t like the old style ’cause a lot of people think it is “Reply That” and mess with the original message (or worst, use the RT to *reply* to a message with full body.) Sadly, Brent Spinner seems to be the biggest abuser of this feature.

    Also, supporting both styles would make the code a mess. It would have to be one or the other, but not both.

  3. i mostly use the old style retweet when i want to add a small comment to the original content, if possible.

    as for the clear, not my style, as i like being able to refer back to older tweets, while also keep track of when something new comes in. But to clear the tray icon star right now, i have to mark all existing tweets as read, especially tiresome when there are maybe 100+ loaded after a boot.

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