OAuth paranoia

One day after I posted the lack of respect for OSS apps in Twitter “ecosystem” (a word they seem to like a lot these days), they announced that the API request for trending topics will now return the promoted tweets.

As I was reading this announcement, the paranoid hat fell on my head.

As I explained before, OAuth allows Twitter to simply cut the access of an application at their own will because, as they say, it may “harm the ecosystem”. The problem is that since forever, the line of what is “harmful” to the “ecosystem” was never fully explained and seems to be a moving target: Every day, someone will post on Twitter-Developement-Talk about their applications getting rejected due some not explained reason and being pointed to the Terms of Use.

Now, since Twitter never really explained what the “ecosystem” is and can simply cut any application they want, what may stop them to cut the access of some application that removes promoted tweets in the basis that promoted tweets are good for the “ecosystem”?

Does this paranoid hat make me look crazy?