The demise of Mitter

The first post I can find about Mitter was in 2007, which makes it about 3 years old. It is one of my longest living personal projects.

Or better, it was. As for yesterday, I decided I had enough of it. So Mitter is, officially, unmaintained.

I posted most of the reasons for that in this blog recently. The biggest one is the way Twitter is handling their broken implementation of OAuth and making it hard for open source developers to distribute their Twitter clients. Second, which was the real “ok, I had enough” moment, was when I pointed that blocked users still appear in the timeline and got the answer that blocking should be done in the client side.

So you have a broken implementation of a security protocol and a broken behaviour, all in a small package. Even as a simple user, I think this is stupid, to say the least.

It’s not that Mitter is tied with Twitter. Since december last year, the network layer was redesigned to support multiple networks and I had plans to add at least and pave the way to a lot more. But, in the end, I got so burned out with the constant problems with Twitter and their general lack of interest in helping the small guys that I don’t want to make another application where I depend on someone that doesn’t give a fuck about what I write.

Also, it’s not that I hate Mitter now. I surely love it. Some of the best design decisions (and some of the worst too) I had I put there. I like the way the data flows in the application. I learnt a lot about Python and PyGTK with it. Even now, I look at the code and it looks pretty nice (so nice that I had to put a piece of the code in the header of my blog — although that piece doesn’t say much.)

But, in the end, it’s a matter of continuously dealing with bullshit. If at least I could make a living out of Mitter, I’d deal with it, as I did my whole life. But I wrote and kept Mitter on my spare time and now it’s not fun anymore. So Mitter is now orphan and unmaintained, but its source code is still available for anyone who wants to keep it going. I’m even here in case someone needs help understanding my design or needs someone to do releases.