Little Stupid CSS Insight Of The Day

Today, after fighting several minutes to understand why my form was not being send and then checking it with Firebug and seeing it completely broken (as in “the form had no inputs ’cause it was being closed right after being opened). I checked and rechecked my HTML for errors and nothing. Then I understood why.

This is a <div>. It works like a box (also, you’ll hear a lot about “boxing model” and such).
This is a <form>.
This is a table.

So, if you keep that mind: You can box your desk; you can put a box inside your desk drawers but you can’t cover your desk drawers with your box while putting both inside your desk. It doesn’t work like that.

Crafting Map of Terraria

So I’ve been playing Terraria for a while now. For those that don’t know, Terraria is a small game that borrows elements from several games, like Minecraft, Zelda and… well, lots.

One of the curious parts of Terraria — and the most controversial — is the crafting part. It’s curious ’cause you don’t have a full view of what you can craft (if you don’t have the materials, you won’t see it on your crafting list). Controversial ’cause a lot of people accuse Terraria of shamelessly stealing it from Minecraft.

(Personal opinion: Although I never played Minecraft, it seems, from what I read, that Terraria offers more than just crafting stuff, so it actually shamelessly steal from several games — almost like every game these days. I bet if you look at game story, you’ll find some game that took crafting way before Minecraft. But that’s not the point I want to bring here, so let it rest for now.)

Since I was curious about what could be crafted, I made a map using Dot to draw things for me ’cause… well, ’cause I’m kinda used to Dot, although some options I can only remember by looking at the source of their examples. And, to be completely honest, because I don’t know most of the options, the output doesn’t look that nice. If you want to take a look at the source, I pushed all the files to a Github repository, so you’re free to fork it and make it look better. Any suggestion is welcome.

Because the output doesn’t look that nice, I tried to recreate the same thing in Omnigraffle. The result is that, 1/4 through the list, Omnigraffle decided to crash. Adding a node was crashing it. Changing the node order was crashing it. I send the reports to Omni, but since the Dot was working and it’s a lot easier to just add a single line and let the application worry about connecting one point to the other instead of trying to find one node to graphically connect to another node, I kept using it.

Also, I used all Graphviz renderers (dot, neato, fdp, sfdp, twopi and circo, although that last one makes a 6Mb image, which is too big to upload to my server), trying to find the one with better results. Unfortunately, not much better results, as most of them don’t worry about lines crossing nodes, it seems.

Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, I present you: The Crafting Map of Terraria (in various formats):






(And before you say it: Yes, hot damn wood is used everywhere!)