Justice League: War (2014)

IMDB plot:

The world’s finest heroes found the Justice League in order to stop an alien invasion of Earth.

Heroic spoilers ahead.

Seriously, it’s pretty hard to talk about this animation without spoiling the hell out of it. So, you’re doubly warned now.

So for Justice League you have a bunch of DC characters that work together to save the planet from the evil forces of evil. But how did they finally get together? That’s what you find out.

You also find out who’s the most awesome evil character of all comics.

The whole story revolves around Batman (still being marked as a random viligant), Superman (still seen as some alien that doesn’t care about anything and nobody cares about him), Green Lantern (in hotheaded Hal Jordan), Wonder Woman (which I think came directly from the animation with her name), Cyborg (in its origin story), Flash and Shazam (yup, Shazam, not John Johns).

The story is basically: Lantern is doing his round finding something weird in Gotham and clashes with Batman. They find an alien artifact and decided to ask the resident alien for answers: Superman. Meanwhile, Cyborg’s (still not a cyborg) father is working on the same device, which apparently was found by Flash and Wonder Woman is in a diplomatic mission with the US president. Then hell breaks lose when the devices active, bring a bunch of aliens, the airplane with the president is attacked and it’s saved by Wonder Woman and Superman, while Cyborg (still not a cyborg) is caught in the activation of one of the devices and suddenly mixes with some experimental technology (THEN becoming the cyborg). Meanwhile, Billy Batson (Shazam) finds something weird in his house, turns in Shazam and, chasing the alien, finds the rest of the group.

And then, when things seems to start to work out… DARKSEID.

(By the way, I think this is the proper place to point the most awesome line in any animation ever: Shazam approaches Darkseid and them proclaims “Hey, Blackheart the Deatheater or whatever your World of Warcraft name is… SUCK ON THIS!” which I think embodies exactly Shazam personality.)

The style is mostly the same classic hero animation. There is nothing impressive but at least there is nothing that brings it down.

But, as usual, animations are mostly about voice acting and this one does not disappoints. Jason O’Mara does an awesome Batman (and I mean it); Michelle Monaghan does sound like Wonder Woman (by the way, Jack Snider: Is there still time to replace Gal Gadot with Michelle Monaghan?); Alan Tudyk is mostly ok as Superman, but still doesn’t disappoint; Christopher Gorham does a perfect Flash (“Sorryneedthistosavetheworldthanksforyourhelp”).

In the end, it seems a very good point of reference for what expect for the real-life “Justice League” which should appear… somewhere in the future. I’d give it 5 out of 7 masked vigilantes.