GUP 0.2.3 "Not My Fault"

Since last Gallery release (2.2.1), GUP stopped working, returning a 500 (Server Error) after each request. Today I found that the Remote Plugin was upgraded to version 1.0.9 and, finally, GUP is working again. Also, the documentation (but unavailable till now) authToken parameter (which should be returned on every request to avoid cross site attacks) is finally being returned and, thus, I made a new release to use the command (although it seems it wasn’t being check anyway).

So, for this new version to work, you need to go to “Plugins” in the site admin interface, “Get More Plugins”, “Update Plugin list” and, when it completes, upgrade the “Remote” plugin (which should be under the “Remote Interfaces” group.

I would like to thank “Domingo Aguilera” for pointing that GUP was not using the authToken.

GUP 0.2

Finally, I managed to complete another step on GUP: it can now save the album list in a local cache, so it won’t download the album list over and over again. The update is in the GUP page.

GUP 0.1 “Most. Refactored. Program. EVER”

After some fights understanding what “form-data-encoded” means, I managed to make GUP upload pictures to Gallery. Also, I’m about to give GUP the “most refactored program I wrote” award since MMM, where I changed the ID3 reader library about three times (when I finally wrote my own version).

This version can be considered pre-alpha, as I only tested it using my Gallery 2.1.2 (and RemoteGallery 2.9) and uploaded just some small pictures. As I still need to add pictures to my Gallery, more tests will come, but I think is quite usable right now.

On the GUP homepage there is more info about the TODO list is available, as well as information of how to checkout the development version and download the current version.

New personal project: GUP

There are three things that annoy me: the first is doing the same thing over and over again. The second thing is an automation tool that doesn’t work. The third thing is code with some magical variables[1].

So, there you have the problem I had with, a perl script to upload pictures to Web Gallery 2.0. It tries to solve the first problem, but fall in the other two.

So, to solve my problem, I started a new project: GUP (Gallery UPload). There isn’t a release yet as it isn’t doing what it is supposedly to do, but it going nice and easy. One nice thing about it is the chance to test some new concepts I got after reading “Dive Into Python”. If you want to check how this is going, the SVN repository is open for checkout. Once I complete the upload, I’ll add it the projects page and post a tarball.

[1] Like some global variable that isn’t explicitly filled, but used in several places (like when someone pass it to a function to be filled).