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GUP has moved

I moved all GUP information to Google Code. Now it is easier to open bugs and keep reports. GUP updates will still appear in this blog.

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GUP 0.2.3 "Not My Fault"

Since last Gallery release (2.2.1), GUP stopped working, returning a 500 (Server Error) after each request. Today I found that the Remote Plugin was upgraded to version 1.0.9 and, finally, GUP is working again. Also, the documentation (but unavailable till … Continue reading

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Three applications, one release

After discovering how fun is to write a distutil script to install python applications, I decided to write installation scripts for all my python scripts. So I have three different applications and just one release: “Install Me Do”. Grab GUP … Continue reading

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GUP 0.2.1 “Small Things, Big Difference”

I did some small fixes in GUP. Although small, they make the application feel more finished right now. There are still some issues, but nothing so serious. Download is available at project homepage. (Also, I managed to delete old releases … Continue reading

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GUP 0.2

Finally, I managed to complete another step on GUP: it can now save the album list in a local cache, so it won’t download the album list over and over again. The update is in the GUP page.

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GUP 0.1 “Most. Refactored. Program. EVER”

After some fights understanding what “form-data-encoded” means, I managed to make GUP upload pictures to Gallery. Also, I’m about to give GUP the “most refactored program I wrote” award since MMM, where I changed the ID3 reader library about three … Continue reading

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New personal project: GUP

There are three things that annoy me: the first is doing the same thing over and over again. The second thing is an automation tool that doesn’t work. The third thing is code with some magical variables[1]. So, there you … Continue reading

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