TimeTracker 1.0

With no reported problems with 1.0RC1, I decided to call it 1.0. So, TimeTracker is finally usable by the public.

There still is some ugliness inside, but nothing that can make it misbehave or crash or anything like that.

You can grab it at the same place.

PS: Time to break it again! Hooray! :D

Edit 2006.01.31 13:22: I just forget: I would like to thank Estanislau and Daniel Ilha for helping beta-testing and expanding the TODO list, so now I have something to do for a 1.1 release (and further releases too).

TimeTracker 1.0 Release candidate 1

Finally, I added the last option needed to call TimeTracker a 1.0 release. You now can pass the time of stop and start of a task. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to change the time of a task that has already been stopped or started; maybe on 1.1? :)

Anyway, TimeTracker 1.0RC1 “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?” is available at TimeTracker homepage.

TimeTracker 0.7 “Beauty comes from within”

I didn’t add the graphical interface or the todo list yet, but I did some rewritting of the internal modules to make things simpler in the future to add those features. To the outside world, the only visible change is the “–list”, which now has a prettier output.

Download at TimeTracker page.

Update 2006.01.28 12:34: just found a problem whe you try to start a new task. A bugfix is available on version 0.7.1, released about two minutes ago. :)

TimeTracker 0.6

This is a fix for the last 0.5 release. I fixed a crash that would happen when the data file is corrupted, like when you had to hand edit it to add some dates. I still need some ideas to allow the user to edit them using the program instead of hand editing the files.

Anyway, the release is in on the TimeTracker page.

TimeTracker 0.5

New year, new release. I just saw that it was really easy to add a “–fix” option to TimeTracker, so I added it. This new option will recalculate the elapsed time of all tasks in the task file and write them on the file (in other words, fix the elapsed time). TimeTracker 0.5 “Fix me, Seymour” is available at SlowHome.org.

TimeTracker 0.4

After a long time wihtout playing with it, I decided to add another feature to TimeTracker. Now you can display a small report of working hours per day. The idea is to add new summaries in the future.

As usual, this new version is available at my homepage.

TimeTracker release alpha zero ultra

On our work, we have to use a crappy Delphi program called “TimeKeeper”, to point out what we were doing, how much time we spent on a project and so on. As it is a Windows application, I can’t use it on Linux (and it sucks as a Windows application — well, any Windows application suck, anyway).

So I decided to write my own time keeper, using Python. The result is TimeTracker and it just suck a little less. There still some very rough edges and the code deserves a good clean up before a formal release (read “freshmeat announcement”) but I’m doing an informal release of a very alpha code. You are free to use it, modify it, break it and call it names.

Missing parts: put a GPL notice in the tarball, nicer output on screen, reports and fix the thousands bugs it still has (I did a try on a Windows box and they cropped like crazy).

As soon as I get sure that it isn’t losing any data, a formal release will appear. Also, I’ll move my Bazaar repository to CScience.org, it will made available to everyone.

Edit 1: I moved the repositories to CScience.org. If you want to access them, there are instructions on my homepage.