1. Which movie character is most like you?

For thinking too much about something (in a obsessive way), “Professor Brody” (Jeff Goldblum) from “Cats & Dogs”.

2. Which TV character is most like you?

For thinking that everyone is against me, “Fox Mulder” (David Duchovny) from “X-Files”.

3. Which literary character is most like you?

For always trying to understand the underlying things, “Elijah Bailey” from Isaac Asimov’s Robot series.

4. Which song describes you?

For being a sad optimistic, “Save Me” from Edguy.

5. Which animal is most like you?

For always hidding inside some place, a turtle.


1. What color is your hair?

Dark brown, with some white hairs in the middle (and I’m just 29!)

2. When is the last time you accepted a dare?

I really can’t recall anything related.

3. Do you think you could have an affair?

Well, as I’m single right now, yes.

4. How often do you feel like walking on air?

Not often.

4. How about dispair?

Fortunately, not often too.


1. Do you have good hand-eye coordination?

I think so. I can type without looking at the keyboard, that counts something? :)

2. Have you ever held a gun?

Yeah, a long time ago.

3. What do you think of toy guns?

Depends of what you call a toy gun. Some are fun (like paintball guns), some are quite disturbing (like the ones that really look like a real gun).

4. When is the last time you asked for forgiveness?

Hm… I think it was when I said something really stupid to E1lie a long time ago. Can’t recall exactly when it was.

5. Your favorite Aerosmith song:

Actually, Aerosmith doesn’t appear in my “favorite band” list. But I would probably point “Jane’s Got A Gun”.


1. Can you dance?

Bad, but yes.

2. Who is your current crush?

No one.

3. Tell us about a dream you remember.

Some of them are described here.

4. Do you live with anyone, or do you live by yourself?

I live with my sister, but we barely exchange words.

5. When is the last time you bled from an injury?

I cut my hand cleaning up the kitchen when a window glass broke.


1. Any plans to watch the Super Bowl?

No. There isn’t a channel in Brazil that plays it anyway.

2. Friday or Saturday: Which is a better date night?

With a good date, any day is better. :) But, having the only two choices, I would probably pick Friday.

3. Do you do anything special on the weekends that you don’t do during the week?

Lots and lots of sleep.

4. Where do you get your news from?

Several sources. My RSS feed reader has about 25 entries.

5. Kevin, Norm, Colin, Jimmy, Tina or Amy?

Norm. But Dana or Mike are way more fun than Norm.


1. Age?


2. Sex?


3. Location?

Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil.

4. Single?

Yeah, but I’m working the hell of it to fix this. :)

4. How long have you been doing the fridayfiver?

Nov. 11th, 2005, 12:57 pm


1. What do you normally eat for breakfast?

A glass of light coke.

2. Are you more likely to drink coffee or tea?


3. Would you consider yourself a good cook?

No, although I never burned anything.

4. What is your favorite meal?

Hm… probably pizza.

5. Green eggs and ham: would you eat it?

I don’t like ham.


1. Have you broken any New Year’s resolutions yet?

I didn’t make any, so I’m clean on this one.

2. Broken any bones?

Up to day, no.

3. When is the last time someone else broke your heart?

About two months ago.

4. What is the most expensive item you’ve ever broken?

I think it was the window of mom’s car. The smash was so great that the whole door had to be replaced.

5. What phrase are your tired of hearing over and over again?

The phrases people usually say a lot of times have a funny meaning (usually mocking someone else), so I’m not tired of them (yet). But I think it would be “Researchers found another Windows Vulnerability”. :)


1. How will you be ringing in the New Year?

On the beach, as every year, with a friend whose birthday is January 1th. Double party!

2. How do you wish you were ringing in the New Year?

Basically the same, but with someone there too.

3. Do you have any traditions that you observe on New Year’s Day intended to bring you luck for the upcoming year?

Well, I know the charms people say around: wear yellow to bring money, wear red to get love, that kind of stuff. But I never do that.

4. Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them?

Used to, but I never could make them happen, so I just drop it.

5. Would you ever have plastic surgery?



1. Do you have any holiday plans?

Just staying with my family.

2. Will you be traveling?

Yes, to another town (where my family is).

3. What is the worst thing about this time of year?

Hm… two things: finding the right gifts for the people you care and this dangling sensation of loneliness.

4. Do you have any favorite holiday foods?

Anything cooked by my grandmother.

5. Is it a Christmas tree or a holiday tree?

Christmas tree.