I just got this email:

to: Admin – If You want to delete your site from my spam list, please sent url of your domain to my emai:
And I will remove your site from my base within 24 hours

PS. As the previous address of an e-mail has been removed also all letters on it have been lost I is compelled to make this dispatch once again.
PS2. To send url your site on an e-mail is a unique way to avoid a spam from me. To write abuses to the various “stop spam” sites – it is useless.
PS3. Your addresses of an e-mail are not necessary to me, you can create an e-mail through free service and send me yours url through this e-mail
PS4. sorry for my bad English :)

So, you know you’re a fucking retarded spammer, but you want to look nice and give me a chance to stop spam ON MY BLOG? I think it’s weird that the fucktard didn’t say something like “Oh, nice blog you have there… Would it be a shame if something happened to it, don’t you think?”

Funny fact is that I didn’t really got this as a comment. Spam Karma got it first and I almost lost it.

Zen pictures

Just a note for people looking at my pictures: This morning (Sydney time) I switched from Gallery to ZenPhoto. Mostly ’cause it’s way simple and seems easier to manage. No pictures or albums were lost, but the titles and descriptions are gone. Not a big deal, I guess, as most of them didn’t have the proper description and title anyway and I don’t plan to fix that soon, reason being I’m writing my own gallery application and I expect it to replace any gallery application I have. Of course, I can’t just replace it right now ’cause it’s in the initial steps, but it’ll happen, sooner or later. And then I’ll fix those issues. will now redirect to

Where are the pages?

In case you are looking for some of the pages (like projects, Tips & Tricks and some random stuff), I moved them to another places.

First, if you were looking for a project, they are all now hosted on Google Code. You can find link to every project there looking at my profile. Some not updated anymore and known to not work projects, like DarkClicker, are completely dead (mostly ’cause it didn’t work and I didn’t had the will to keep them working.)

Tips & Tricks and most of the code was moved to my public notes page.

If you see something missing, let me know.

WordPress and the Cruft

I really like WordPress, but NanoBlogger always amazed me for its simplicity. It’s not like I update my blog every hour or something to have something rendering the same pages again (and dynamic content, like the, Twitter and widgets don’t behave properly under WordPress cache plugin — or, at least, it didn’t work when I tried last time.)

So, just for the fun of it, I decided to try to write a “WordPress 2 NanoBlogger” converter. The first is get a copy of the database, so I have the data to convert in first place. Simple MySQL-dump would be enough to me (well, not completely necessary, but I still don’t have internet at home and I can’t connect to my database without the data.)

Dump in hand, I decided to take a look at it. The amount of cruft on it is really impressive. I still have things about my LJ-exporter, which isn’t being used for a year already. And Twitter Tools is keeping copies of all my Tweets.

I know it’s not the normal WordPress use, but I guess it should have some option to clean up its database (at some request in the admin interface.)

Mitter and Git

For a while, I tried to keep a Git repository of Mitter. It looked all nice and dandy, but it was a pain to keep it up-to-date with everything, not to mention that Git-Svn apparently doesn’t convert SubVersion branches to Git branches (or GoogleCode is broken — anyway, branches doesn’t work for Mitter.)

But, for those who still want to play with Mitter code using Git, there is one solution: I set up a git repository to myself, following just the trunk, which is updated hourly (fetches the trunk from GoogleCode and updates the Git repositories.) The project can be seen here: Just note that I’m not keeping this as the main repository, just a nice thing for people who want to play with Mitter (or Git.)

The hacks are available

For some time, I kept my “hacks” available on my SVN. And by “hacks” I mean my small pieces of code, which I used to understand some function, or try something new. Now, because I’m closing “” down, I decided to put all code available on my notes. The files are here.


Mitter, originally uploaded by Julio Biason.

After some fights, I finally managed to make Mitter look nice. Now I just need to add some menus, an update status window and port it to Hildon.

Edit 1: And the project page, if you are interested in the code of it. No formal release yet (I really need to created a distutil file for it before releasing.)

What? Me, Sick?

What? Me? Sick?, originally uploaded by Julio Biason.

Multigenics (two tables): Multi-vitamin
Ultra Muscleze (one teaspoon): Magnesium, for anxiety
Natural E (two tables): Vitamin E
CoQ10 (one capsule) : Improves cardiovascular functions (and makes things easier when I’m doing exercises)
Ginseng & Zizyphus (eight pills): Anti-depressant.

All this, every morning.

Cycling shoes

Cycling shoes, originally uploaded by Julio Biason.

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle. Now I just need to learn how to ride properly.

Notes on hosting

A few notes about my previous post:

  • Yes, sharing is important to me. That’s why I compiled the list;
  • Most of the services I pointed in the post were chosen because I have friends using it already. It doesn’t mean they are the best or the cheapest around;
  • Yes, Tilefile can be used to share pictures instead of Flickr. The problem is that 1) I don’t like flash and 2) see point above.

Any other suggestions are, obviously, welcome.