I just changed my domain name. “slowhome” is no more and now everything should be directed to “JulioBiason.Net”. The reasoning behind this change is that I wanted to have something I could give to people in the business area, like my email (and, let’s be honest, “slow @ slowhome . org” doesn’t sound nice).

For the moment, all traffic from slowhome is being redirected to and it would be like this till the domain expires (9 months from now).


So, this Sunday I had my first marathon. 14km of hills, up and down. The start is a complete mess: everyone is packed, waiting for the start and, when they open the gates, everyone starts moving, but some just walk. So you are there, full of energy and excitement and you can’t run because there are a lot of people just walking. After the tunnel on Kings Cross, things got a little bit easier (after what I think it was 1km from the start). There were some fun in the race, thought:

  • At the start, there was a guy dressed in red, face painted red, red shoes, hands painted in red… I guess he was calling himself “Running Devil”;
  • At some point, I saw some guys with t-shirts saying “Our drinking group have a city2surf problem”;
  • Near Darling Point Rd, there was a band playing some pretty good music (metal!) in a hoof top. Too bad I couldn’t stop to hear (hey, the guys WERE good!);
  • At the top of the Heartbreak Hill, there was a sign in a church saying “Congratulations! You just beat the Heartbreak Hill”. But there was still some good walk up till the top of the hill;
  • One guy wearing a t-shirt saying, in the back: “You’ve just been passed by a smoker”;
  • One guy wearing a Superman costume;
  • One Borat impersonator (wearing the gayest clothes);

Also, all along the way, there were some people who were helping the runners with whatever they could: using water sprinklers, giving candy, oranges; kids with arms stretched, as if they wanted a “low five”; people simple cheering the runners.

One thing I learn about running is that, when there is water, take two cups: one you drink, the other one you throw at your face. It helps you to “wake up” and get energy to keep running.

This morning my personal trainer send me a message asking if I was sore. The answer? “I’m not too sore, just my neck, back, tights, knees, feet and toes”.

In the end, it took me 2 hours to complete the 14km course. Of course, there will be no “real” medal for me, but this is enough to me:

Planet is misbehaving

For those trying to follow Planet slow, you may have noticed that, for some weird reason, the posts don’t appear in the right time. It seems that Planet tries to put them in chronological order, something that don’t work with all the feeds (because some use UTC and some are using localtime and some don’t put a proper time and keep appearing in the top of the planet all the time, even without updates).

Since Planet is written in Python and it is free software, I’ll try to have a look at it and make it put new posts always in the top, no matter the posting time. And then make a patch. And send it to Jeff Waugh. :-)

And that’s why I love free software.

Helping the slowhome empire grow larger

There are two new additions to my list of sites:

  • slow’s Random Notes: Blogs are not a nice place for content that keeps changing every time, so I decided to add a new site to keep small notes and stuff.
  • Planet slow: aggregation of all my feeds. It’ll make my life easier and also let you know what the fuck I’ve been reading. I still have to check with the Dreamhost guys if that’s alright (but I guess it is).

And yes, I still need to “Pythonize” the templates. :-)

The worst part of reading a Tolkien’s book

Yes, this is the first paragraph of the book “Children of Húrin”. Yes, I’m typing the book. Yes, each thing that is not black it is a link which goes to another page; yes, it is a wiki. Yes, it looks pretty stupid, but I guess it is way easier to read something when you can understand easily what the fuck that word means (it could be an adjective [Eldar are the first elves in the middle-earth, IIRC], a name or a place).

PS: And no, not everything has a definition in the end of the book… :/