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TwentyEleven With Easy Rotating Header Images

I have a secondary blog which I wanted to have some special header images. One nice thing about the new default WordPress theme, TwentyEleven, is that you can have a couple of header images and rotate them randomly. A bad … Continue reading

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Comments are in

Finally, posting comments works. They don’t look good, but I guess it is a better way to give feedback about the current layout. I’m still thinking how to make it look good (as I finally managed to make the display … Continue reading

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View comments are in and they are ugly

I just managed to add the code to display the comment but not to add comments yet. The reason is that they comments look ugly right now and I don’t have any ideas on how to fix it. Why they … Continue reading

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Theme updates

In case you didn’t noticed: I merged all links into a single “class” and single posts now have links to previous and next posts/functions. Also, behind the scenes, I paved the way to finally displaying comments. I’m almost there, I … Continue reading

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In case you don’t look at this blog directly (i.e., through RSS): I just put my new WordPress theme “I <3 Python” as default theme for the page. I know that comments are not being displayed and I’ll fix it … Continue reading

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Giving Wordy a spin

So, finally, I decided to put Wordy as default theme. So far, I’m kinda pleased with it. I still have some things to fix but, so far, I’m think it will be the most awesome theme for WordPress EVER!

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