Comments are in

Finally, posting comments works. They don’t look good, but I guess it is a better way to give feedback about the current layout. I’m still thinking how to make it look good (as I finally managed to make the display of the current comments work fine.)

Any suggestions are (still) welcomed.

Edit 1: Headings still need work, I know.

View comments are in and they are ugly

I just managed to add the code to display the comment but not to add comments yet. The reason is that they comments look ugly right now and I don’t have any ideas on how to fix it.

Why they are ugly? Well, WordPress comment_text() function likes to add paragraphs (the <p> tag) around the comment. If I do a multi-line string (like it is today), the quotes end far away from the text, not to mention that it makes navigation confusing, as it is also a multi-line string. If there was a way to turn everything into a comment, it would be cool, but there are line breaks and it would really look weird (although on small screens the comments would break anyway and the browser would not add the hash in front of every line), not to mention that paragraph problem…

Still trying to figure out a good solution for comments before letting more to be added…

Theme updates

In case you didn’t noticed: I merged all links into a single “class” and single posts now have links to previous and next posts/functions.
Also, behind the scenes, I paved the way to finally displaying comments. I’m almost there, I promise. Then, headings and then RELEASE! :)


In case you don’t look at this blog directly (i.e., through RSS): I just put my new WordPress theme “I <3 Python” as default theme for the page. I know that comments are not being displayed and I’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Take a look and send your opinions (you need to send me an email — remember: comments are not working). Suggestions for improvements are also welcome.

Edit 1: Headings are also not working (well, they are, but they are changing the font size). You can check it on the Meta Personal FAQ page.