Before talking about the disclaimer of anything posted in this site, let’s talk a little about blogging.

Twice in my life, I had to answer about something I posted in a blog. The first time I did about a company, whose code wasn’t all that impressive. The second time was about something I said about someone whose promises didn’t go as he said.

Now, why people take blogs so seriously? I mean, I can say Sean Connery acting looked worst than Keanu Reeves, can’t I? Or should I expect both actors sending
me “cease and desist” letters to remove the posts? Or I could say that KDE developers are stupid pricks because they choosed a stupidly developed toolkit or should I stay quiet in my corner to avoid being flooded by comments from KDE and Trolltech developers about this?[1] And what if I say there is no god of any kind, will Christians, Muslims, Jews and everyone else that believes in some sort of superior being will kick my in the streets? What if I think Ford is charging too much for a car? Will they come and take my car (if it is really a Ford)?

And what would happen when I had a bad day or when I don’t have the whole information? Should I avoid putting that frustration on a web page? Opinions are modeled after expectations, life experiences and, most importantly, feelings. We, bloggers, don’t have a PR person, something like NASA have: a guy that takes all information happening in the control room and talk to the astronauts, sometimes changing voice tones and some words to make things look alright. So we post about what we think, when we are feeling something, about information that may be incomplete. And that will never stop someone from blogging, will it?

Let’s go back to the point: why some people like to take blogs seriously? Or blog posts, for the sake of completeness. I’m not a New York Times editor, nor a journalist; I don’t have a PR just to check my posts for something that could offend someone. So, if I post something you think it is wrong or misleading, intead of attacking me or someone else related in the post, why not drop a note? I mean, ok, the post may be emotive or lacking information, so why not complete the information, add a new point of view or show that the post is too emotive and can’t be taken seriously?

Some people need a place to put their frustrations. Some people need someone to hear their complains and a blog is always there. It may be read by noone, but still is a place to complain.

So, these are the answers: YES, I can say Sean Connery acted worst than Keanu Reeves as much as I could say Keanu Reeves improved so much he could steal a job from Sean Connery; YES, I can say QT is the crappiest toolkit in the earth and KDE developers are dumb for choosing it as much as I could say QT is one of the best Object-Oriented toolkits around and that KDE couldn’t have been so much feature complete if it wasn’t for the ideas behind the toolkit; YES, I can post about the inexistence of one superior being as much as I could talk about how God or Allah saved me; YES, I could talk about how Ford is ripping off their costumers by charging so much about their cars as much as I could explain how the features available on Ford cars are superior from other car makers. And, no matter what side I choose, there will be thousands posts around the internet that will disagree with me and other thousands that will agree. In the end, it will be just a matter that you’ll have more information about anything, good or bad.

As I put, I had to answer twice in my life about my posts and I could bet there will be more times. I’m a person, I’m have feelings, I can get frustrated, I can be misinformed, I can talk about things I believe that goes directly against what other people believe. Because that’s what a blog is: a place for thoughts, beliefs and opinions.

The warranty if this site?

One: opinated, emotional and biased opinion. It is up to you to consider it valid or not, which also means I could be wrong or being bullheaded.


Two: you are free to comment anything, even saying that I’m being stupid, nonsensical and bullheaded. Remember: this is not a newspaper, it is a blog; you can’t send your comments to a newspaper and let everyone read it but you can do it on a blog (and this IS a blog).

Oh, remember just one thing: “I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”[2]. That’s a two hand way: I can say whatever I want, but you are free to contest anything, no matter how opposing our opinions are.

[1] I still think mixing non-UI and UI objects on the same lib is stupid, but that’s my opinion.
[2] It seems to have some controversy about who is the author of this phrase, but it is usually attributed to Voltaire.

PS: The comments in this page are not closed to avoid discussion about it; they are closed to stop the spammers in my blog (although WordPress is catching everything and sending the comments directly to the spam folder, it is a damn nuisance cleaning the spam folder every time).