Mitter 1.0.0alpha 5 “I think I’ll have a drink.” released

Following the continual improvement of Mitter, alpha 5 is now released.

THIS IS AN ALPHA RELEASE We want to test most of the new features, code and interface to be sure that things are going to the right way. Some features (like DBus notifications) are disabled at this point to make sure the base code works without a problem. If you want to help, remember to run Mitter from a terminal with the “-d” option (to display debug messages.) Any help is welcome.

  • This is the second major code rewrite of Mitter. The first rewrite added support for multiple networks; this rewrite split the PyGTK into some more files, to make it easier to manage it in the future.
  • The update area is hidden from the start from now on. To post an update, you need to select “new message” or simply press “Enter”. The update area will then appear. This gives more area to see the messages.
  • Fixed a couple of problems with Python 2.5 (I accidentally added a feature that only exists on Python 2.6.)
  • Fixed a problem when marking all messages as read.
  • Added a simple “ago” in the message time text.
  • The number of unread messages now can be displayed in the window title (check the CHEAT-CODES file if you would like to change the format.)

And yes, the plan was to make Alpha 4 the last of the alpha releases and add oAuth support. Problem is, oAuth is a mess to implement and absolutely impossible to find a good document about it. Since it was taking too long, I decided to fix a few other issues. I won’t make any kinda of promise this time. ;)

Download details and full list of of changes in this release are available in project home page.